Everything to Know About Registering for the MAT Exam During 2020

Every year the dates for the MAT examination are announced and you should know what they are. For this year, 2020, the paper based examination would happen on February 16, 2020 and while the computer one is scheduled for February 2nd.

You would need to apply for the computer based examination by January 30th and February 9th for the paper examination. Here is everything else that you are going to want to know about preparing for this upcoming and highly anticipated examination.

What to Know About Registering the Exam

For those who will be attending the examination you are going to need to ensure that you have downloaded the admit card. This card is what you would have to show or give the number to take your exam and the date for getting them is January 28th for the computer test and February 11th for those who are taking the paper test.

When you are preparing for the registration for this examination you are going to have to pay the fee and there are different amounts you would pay, such as:

  • Rs 1550 for either the PBT or paper based test or CBT or computer based test
  • Rs 2650 if you are planning on taking the tests in both the computer and paper format

These fees can be paid by internet banking or through your debit or credit card when you are registering online. They also accept UPI or wallet based payments depending on the type, so make sure to think about this.

You would also want to know what documents would be required when you are going to register so that your admit card can be completed and your eligibility can be confirmed, including:

  • Scanned photograph in JPEG or JPG format that is under 40KB in size
  • Scanned signature also in JPG or JPEG format under 10KB in size
  • Details for PayTM wallet, net banking, credit or debit card for payment
  • Details of your educational qualification

These are just some of the important details that you must have handy and ready to upload, including the necessary scanned documents. The photograph must be the same size and type that you would use on your passport application in colour without any issues, which could cause issues later.

You should ensure that your entire face can be seen and your signature needs to be done on a white piece of paper in black ink. These need to be properly scanned and you need just the area with the photograph and the signature and not the entire page.

Go ahead and start registering for your upcoming examination while you know about how to register for it. The dates are looming, which means you need to prepare yourself and complete your registration before the deadlines based on the examination type you are taking.

You would also need to complete the payment and have the required documents scanned and uploaded so you can get your admit card for the MAT exam.