How to get a call from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode?

IIM Kozhikode is one of the premier management institutes that provides quality education and training to the youth. Ranked amongst the top 6 management institutes in India, IIMK promises to lead the youth in a journey of self-discovery where they can channelize their talents to develop managerial and leadership skills.

The institute thrives for excellence and takes initiatives in areas such as administration program, fellow program, international student exchange program, fests and workshops, social development, and research. This is the reason numerous youth flocks to get admitted to the institute every year.

It is certainly difficult for candidates to get admission into the institute as numerous candidates are appearing for CAT each year. So, how does one get a call from IIM Kozhikode? While scoring a good percentile in CAT certainly gives them an edge over the others, there are other factors one should keep in mind to get admitted to the institute.

Let’s summarize the factors which could help a student maximize his chances of getting a call from the university.

Admission criteria

All the students must appear for the CAT examination to get a call from premier management institutes. Once the student qualifies, the next steps are always determined by specific institutes. Listed below are the criteria set out by the IIMK authorities for students who want to get admission into the university.

  • CAT score: Obtaining a valid CAT score with 85 percentile and above had always been the norm to get admission into the institution. However, in recent times, the weightage on the CAT score had been reduced. There are other criteria set based on which the eligibility of a candidate is decided. The candidates must have a sectional percentile of 75 and have obtained 60% both in 10th and 12th board examinations.
  • Shortlisting: Candidates who meet the above criteria are judged based on their profiles. Amongst them, most competitive and suitable candidates are chosen for the PI or WAT round. The weightage given on criteria such as CAT index score, 10th percentage, 12th percentage, and gender/academic diversity score is 45%, 30%, 15%, and 10% respectively.
  • WAT/PI round: The candidates shortlisted are asked to appear for the Writing Ability Test and essay writing. The qualified candidates will be eligible for the Personal Interview round. It is the most difficult stage where many shortlisted candidates are left out despite having competitive scores. In this round, the resumes of these candidates are screened, their knowledge and qualifications checked, and their experiences in related fields are asked for. Extracurricular activities are also given weightage in this round.
  • Selection: The university sends admission offer to the candidates who score well in all the above rounds together. The weightage given on Index score, PI score, essay score, and resume score are 35%, 35%, 20%, and 10% respectively.

Getting a call from IIMK is difficult, especially when thousands of talented students try to get admission in the institution. However, with the right preparation and strategies, it wouldn’t be hard for a candidate to get into the university.

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