FT Rankings 2020 EMBA 2020: Only 2 Indian B- Schools could make to the Top 100

Only two B- Schools of India could make up to the top 100 of recently announced Financial Times Executive MBA (EMBA) ranking 2020. ISB holds the no. 1 position in India and 53rd position globally with PGP in Management for Senior Executive (PGPMAX) as its best course.

Next in the line is IIM-B holding the second position itself in India and 95th position globally with its PGP in enterprise management course.


ISB’s PGPMAX is known to be the best postgraduate management course in India and is solely designed for the executives of management who hold the minimum working experience of 10 years.

It is specially designed for those executives who cannot pursue a full-time post-grad degree while working in their respective organisations at the same time.

Keeping in mind this problem, they provide a 15-month program in a modular format for greater access. This helps the participants with minimum disruption of their work.

The students start by joining online Harvard courses once they are admitted to the programme.

Classes are conducted for a week after a period of 5 weeks. The students have to attend the classes on the campus of Hyderabad or Mohali as the curriculum requires. The curriculum consists of 10 modules in India and 2 modules in international immersions.

The curriculum of the programme is designed in such a way that it helps the candidates to experience an environment which is tough, demanding, motivating and inspiring. It helps to increase the skills of the students in a way that directly benefits them in their businesses.

The course enhances the student’s ability of critical thinking and strategic analysis by polishing his understanding of a business. In the age of increasing globalisation, international immersions that are provided include teachings happening at Kellogg School of Management or at the Wharton School and prestigious business school in Asia.

These immersions are conducted through classroom teaching, which helps peer learning and includes industry visits and top management interactions.

About IIM-B’s PGP In Enterprise Management:

PGP in Enterprise Management is a weekend program for a period of 2 years. It is designed for working professionals who have a minimum of 4 years of working experience. These weekend classes are made keeping in mind the need for executives to work on the weekdays.

The classes are conducted in the manner which does not hamper the executive’s work. The students are  expected to attend the classes in the evenings on Friday and Saturday. It is a remote learning programme.

The aim of the course is to harmonise the practical knowledge of the students in the field of management, which is required to grow the business along with the commendable management skills which they already possess.

It helps to make them confront their own selves and makes them a better leader in this challenging world of globalised and liberalised economies.

The first year of the programme makes the student learn about the core subjects of management which include micro and macroeconomics, cost management, corporate finance, etc.

In the second year of the programme, the students are allowed to choose from the rich choice of electives for the specialised knowledge in the respective field like entrepreneurship, HRM, strategy, etc.

The unique feature of the course is that students can choose not only from PGPEM elective options but can also opt for the electives from other degree-granting programmes at IIMB itself.

PGPEM also provides the participants with an opportunity to go on full-term exchange programmes with IIMB’s international partners. This provides a globalised network to the students, which help in achieving better and world-class knowledge in the field of management.

The students become a part of IIMB’s trusted alumni which has a network in almost every city of our country.

These rankings not only highlights the relevance of these programmes but also show the importance of these programmes for the higher-level management executives, which can help our country to grow more and prosper.

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