Exclusive Interview: “Grades are important but B-Schools look beyond that” – Vikram Singh Tomar: Director, Admissions, Jindal Global Business School

Mr. Vikram Singh Tomar, Director of Admissions and Outreach, Jindal Global Business School addresses issues that are crucial to the  success of a B-School’s .

He believes that an institution has to go beyond the subjective knowledge if we are shaping careers for the future managers. He major goals include:

  • Counseling students to opt for a right career choice.
  • Eliminating common myths pertaining to the admissions processes and selection of a course 
  • Encouraging students to have right attitude and aptitude towards a career choice
  • Ensuring diversity of students in a classroom
  • Prioritizing performance and other achievable over scores and placement guarantee as a long term career goal

Experience pays 

With more than 15 years of experience in student and parent interface through educational institutions like UPES (University of Petroleum and Energy Studies) and IBS (ICFAI Business School) Vikram Tomar is now one of the most trusted education councilors amongst students and parents in the country.

It is his approach towards career goals that he helps shaping for the young minds which further curates the right career path for many.

His major time schedule is dedicated towards interaction with students personally and virtually to understand the new thoughts and ideas that these young aspirants carry while they wish to choose a field for further education.

His commendable way of connecting and understanding the students’ and parents’ queries makes him distinct in his career.

Belief system

Vikram works with convictions and believes in truly understanding and unveiling the hesitations in queries that the students and their parents generally don’t discuss openly, and he then works towards mapping the right program that he is confident will work for the students given his tremendous experience.

One-size-suits-all solutions do not work, and students require customized fits. Education should not become a selling proposition.

In fact, if one believes that a certain program is not at all apt for the student given their interest, then the student must be nurtured for the other program that can probably create a connect with their underlying interest. 

He has always found strong support systems in the educational system that he has worked in and he finds this a win-win situation in a multifold manner. He appreciates the fact that at Jindal he has autonomy to express his views and beliefs while counseling a student and parents.

Not only this, Jindal Global University has also been very flexible while adopting the changes needed to curate the young careers without pressuring the department for the strength. At the end, quality is the utmost priority.

Understanding The Right Way

Counsellors must empathise with the students of they want to build a constructive pathway to help the aspirants and he strongly feels his ‘connect’ with the students is his key strength.

He makes sure that he is accessible to the students. He feels gratified in providing his counseling to students from his experience. He endorses the maxim students are the brand ambassadors.  

Take-home for students

He shares crucial information like alumni placements and other university achievements  with the students, as even a fresh batch of students are motivated and reassured about their right choice . He constantly reassures the students that they are in the right place and can look forward a to successful future. 

Innovation is the key

At JGBS they do not segregate roles and wait for someone else to do what is right. Everyone  at the institute works not only to quench the students’ hunger but also to keep it going. This  connection with the students gives Tomar immense satisfaction.

Vikram Tomar’s reward  comes in the form of the alumni who come back to him, sharing their success stories. Even students from previous institutions he has worked with are in touch with him and reach out to him for counseling. This comes from the assurance he has given them and their confidence  in him. 

Do the right thing

Some institutes may hard-sell placements, but at Jindal, they do not overdo any of it. No one can guarantee any placement before they join, as a lot depends on how the student performs. 

What is the USP of the Jindal two-year flagship program?

Small batch size is a strong USP of Jindal’s programs. The faculty is the best in the industry too.  They are in the age group of thirty-eight to forty and connect well with the students. 

The choice of electives come in a good mix so that the students are prepared to manage any  situation in their careers. They are well-prepared for professional life, endowed with the  right mix of the knowledge to handle any situation.  

A student who performs well is given the opportunity to enroll in an MS dual degree in the  third or the fourth semester at a foreign University. 

What factors contribute to a dream MBA program?

  • Placement 
  • Exposure
  • Good faculty  

How does Tomar view the current MBA programs?

Most students in MBA programs find the first year quite smooth. When they come back to class after their summer internship, they find it different.

The students are asked to prepare for their future, and they seem clueless about how to proceed. Students need to be reminded that they require commitment and consistency in performance, success is not a one-time phenomenon. 

What changes has JGBS made in the current scenario?

Tomar conducted a webinar on ‘The importance of multidisciplinary education for a management student’ for the incoming batch at the time of admission. 

Jindal believes more in physical interactions however in the present scenario multiple open houses were conducted virtually to ensure that nothing remains unanswered.

Besides, the MBA-MS dual degree is a unique JGBS incentive, offered to top performers after due selection. 

What is the advice to aspiring MBA students?

Students must grasp these points:

  • Merely filling forms or taking tests will not give them the desired results. 
  • Take as many entrance tests as you can, widen your options.
  • Carry the right attitude
  • Ensure you have the necessary commitment, good personality, and communication skills.
  • Do your homework. Plan the right answers to questions like – why you wish to join ‘….’ School.
  • Grades are important, but B-schools look for more than good grades.

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