IIM-B’s Programme Among Top 100 In Global List

IIM-B’s Post Graduate Programme in Enterprise Management has participated for the very first time in this list and is given the 2nd position.

This programme is designed for the middle level and senior-level executives who hold a minimum of 4 years of working experience after graduation.

A full time working experience is only considered, but that could be in any industry or field of their choice.

About IIM-B’s PGP In Enterprise Management

PGP in Enterprise Management is a weekend program for a period of 2 years. It is designed for working professionals who have a minimum of 4 years of working experience. The weekend classes are made, keeping in mind the need for executives to work in their respective jobs during the weekdays.

The classes are conducted in a manner which does not hamper the executive’s work. The students are expected to attend the classes in the evenings on Friday and Saturday. It is a remote learning programme.

To apply for this course, the student has to score well in CAT, GMAT or GRE exam. Candidates can even take IIMB test that is conducted for admission in the Enterprise Course. On the basis of these scores, the students are shortlisted and are further eliminated through Group Discussion round.

The remaining students that qualify the GD round are made to go through a Personal Interview round that is conducted in the college campus or through an online interview.

Additionally, the students who qualify these rounds are also made to go through the Writing Ability Test. The students who pass all these rounds are selected on the basis of the number of seats present in the course.

The aim of the course is to harmonise the practical knowledge of the students in the field of management, which is required to grow the business along with the commendable management skills which they already possess.

It helps to make them confront their own selves and makes them a better leader in this challenging world of globalised and liberalised economies.

The students of this course are made to study topics that concern almost every area in the field of management so that they can have a full hand-on experience of what management is and what all they can do about it.

With the help of this feature of the course, the executives are provided rich and quality filled management programme, which makes them step ahead of their colleagues.

The collaborative discussions, online sessions, case studies and individual and group projects help with various soft skills of the student as well.

Action Learning Plan (ALP) prepares a student to take up a project from a company, analyse it thoroughly and make his recommendations for the better functioning the company itself.

The first year of the programme makes the student learn about the core subjects of management which include micro and macroeconomics, cost management, corporate finance, etc.

In the second year of the programme, the students are allowed to choose from the rich choice of electives for the specialised knowledge in the respective field like entrepreneurship, HRM, strategy, etc.

The unique feature of the course is that students can choose not only from PGPEM Elective options but can also opt for the electives from other degree-granting programmes at IIMB itself.

PGPEM also provides the participants with an opportunity of receiving a higher or world-class international exposure through its full-time exchange program or week-long Three-Credit International Courses.

The candidate can opt from any of the above mentioned. In the full- time exchange program, the student has to move to the other country where he can study in one of the partnering institutions of IIMB.

IIMB is one of the members of Global Network for Advanced Management, helps its students with the exposure which no other university in India can provide. This provides a globalised network to the students, which help in achieving better knowledge in the field of management.

The students become a part of IIMB’s trusted alumni which has a network in almost every city of our country. PGPEM also scores higher in categories like salary increment, career development, etc.

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