The Fortune Institute of International Business or FIIB has been providing management education of distinction since its foundation year 1995.

The goal of FIIB was to modernize the management practices and serve as a platform for the development of future leaders of business by imbibing managerial skills, attitude and the mindset to face the complexities of the ever-changing 21st century.

FIIB has been able to prove its excellence by continuously ranking amongst the top private management schools in not just Delhi and North India, but also in the overall management ranking of the country.

The flagship programme of this institute is the 2-years PGDM or MBA equivalent course. Nonetheless, the Fortune Institute is also playing a leading role in providing relevant and contemporary management education to working professionals and managers of all seniority levels.

The Executive Education initiative of FIIB Delhi allows organizations to choose from a wide range of programmes that aims to hone and develop different sets of skills. These programmes are carefully designed by keeping the emerging trends in minds and it helps both the participating individual and organization.

There are three primary FIIB Delhi’s Executive Education domains.

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Leadership and Change Management
  3. Human Resource & Coaching

This article will focus on the Leadership and Change Management Programme of FIIB Delhi.

Leadership and Change Management Highlights

  • Emerging Leader Program.
  • Advanced Leadership Program.
  • Development of Self-Management, the team’s influencing and Leading others’ skills.
  • Ability to inspire innovation in the organization, navigate complex issues and imbibing new leadership styles.

There are 2 categories of FIIB Delhi Leadership and Change Management Programmes/ workshops.

1. Emerging Leaders Program: FIIB designed the ELP Programme for “developing the leadership bench at organizations” with a high growth rate. This structure of this programme allows a fine blend of Leadership theory and practice that helps the individuals and organizations to achieve different levels of professional goals. The usage of interactive teaching methods like Case analysis, introspective exercises, role plays, team presentations and many more exercises.

Estimated Duration of Workshop: 3 to 5 days

Estimated Fee: Data not available.

Suited for: Senior Managers and Professionals


For Individual

  • Development of a better understanding of oneself as a leader.
  • Candidates will learn ways to assess and employ changes in behaviours, strengths and weaknesses of themselves.
  • Knowledge of a set of frameworks that will help the candidates of this programme to bring out the best in oneself and others.
  • Focus development through much clearer goals, development of commitment that will impact the leadership performance of the participants.

For Organizations

The programme works as an impetus or incentive to help young and able leaders to bring effective change in the organization. Candidates will learn how to deliver high-quality performance and derive results from their teams. Most importantly, it will help to bring momentous and effective change in the organization and the individual’s career trajectory.

Programme Component

  • Self Discovery and Understanding of the Managerial Styles through self-examination.
  • Assessment of Personal Leadership Style and Personal Effectiveness.
  • Participants will understand aspects of Self, Team, Relationships and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Candidates will also learn to work in teams for peak results.

2. Advanced Leadership Program: As the next-gen rises to constitute a large number of the work-force in the corporate world, this business environment demands the Management leaders to learn certain skills to work effectively with this workforce. Be it at external or internal or at the entry to the highest levels, knowledge of certain skills will help one to become a successful leader. FIIB Delhi uses modern pedagogy to ensure that. To make the participant’s strategic and communication skills perfect, the FIIB faculty for this programme will adopt highly effective training sessions, ‘360-degree feedback surveys’, simulations, etc. Candidates will also be able to bolster the leadership principles across the organization.

Estimated Duration of Workshop: 3 to 5 days

Estimated Fee: Data not available.

Suited for: Senior Leaders and ambitious Middle Managers.


For Individual

  • One will be able to identify, assess and handle confronting plus sensitive scenarios within the teams and the organisation.
  • Participants will receive one-on-one training sessions to develop a plan after completing the workshop for future endeavours.
  • Find alternative ways to manage Senior Leadership issues through peer discussions, training and real-time feedback.

For Organizations

Through exposure to issues around the use of power and influence, motivation and authority, conflicts and alliances your senior leader will return to your organisations with a better understanding of these underlying issues and an improved ability to respond to and manage them.

Program Components

  • Strategic Thinking Development- Participants will learn to adjust existing resources with creative strategies to make the organization more buoyant.
  • Strategic Steps- Participants will be able to bring out the best in their teams.
  • The programme aims to develop telling communication skills to recognize and take care of the problems in the organization.

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