The Fortune Institute of International Business or FIIB has been working towards transforming the management education of the country since the establishment of the institute in 1995. Located in New Delhi, the FIIB has transformed the lives of 2400+ students through its modern curriculum over the past few decades.

FIIB has plenty to offer when it comes to business and management education. The PGDM, Management Development Programmes, Executive Training and Open Programmes of FIIB are tailor-made courses by the world-class faculty of the B-school. Nonetheless, for acting experts, the Executive Programmes with its custom-made feature stands apart from all.

To assess the transformational education for all levels of executives, one has to look at the Executive Programmes of FIIB Delhi. Participants keen to keep oneself updated with the changing trends of experience get hands-on knowledge about Innovation, ability to sustain and thrive in the competitive business environment through the executive courses.

Not only do these programmes help the individuals, but they also add immense value to the growth of the participating organization.

There are three primary domains of FIIB Delhi’s Executive Education courses.

  1. Business Strategy
  2. Leadership and Change Management
  3. Human Resource & Coaching

This article will focus on the Business Strategy Programme of FIIB Delhi.

What to expect from Business Strategy Programs?

Participants will learn the following from a short-term but accelerating Business Strategy course.

  • Candidates will be able to think strategically.
  • Professionals will gain a competitive advantage for their respective organizations.
  • Use of proven business theories in the programmes.
  • Learning through strategic tools, hands-on exercises,interactive lectures, and dynamic discussions.
  • Participants will be able to solve problems through innovation and teamwork

A working professional can become a strategic business leader through two types of programmes/ workshops.

1. Design Thinking Bootcamp: Participants will learn methodology, framework, principles and application of Design Thinking. The participants will be able to provide effective end-to-end customer experiences. This short-term workshop will change the mindset regarding the methods of problem-solving and will enable professional candidates to find the solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

Estimated Duration of Workshops: 2 to 3 days

Estimated Programme Fee: Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 20,000 along with the GST for each participant.

Suited For: Any working candidate with an open mindset.


For Individual: A professional in any level of seniority will learn about the fundamentals of design thinking that will improve the individual and organizational performance.

He/ She will be able to attain better results by applying design thinking tools with analytical decision-making skills.

The participants will also be able to design new ways to collaborate across all levels of organizational functions. 

For Organizations

Any company looking for ways to be more systematic and derive a human-centred results-oriented problem-solving process should enrol for this programme.

Programme Component

The objectives of the Design Thinking Bootcamp are as follows.

  1. Innovation-Centric: To implement design thinking tools and process for innovation.
  2. Application– Applying the knowledge to solve very specific issues.
  3. Creative Solutions– Adoption of modern techniques such as visualization, mapping, and storytelling to generate answers.
  4. Development of New Ideas: Idea generation through testing, refining, and improving business models and processes.

2. Advanced Design Thinking & Strategy: Unlike the Design Bootcamp that can be attended by anyone, the Advanced Design Thinking and Strategy workshops are meant for senior managers and leaders. After participating in this programme, candidates will be able to strategically plan, develop exceptional decision-making skills. All these skills will come handy in the growth enhancement of the organization. in peers that further help them to achieve their organisation’s desired outcomes.

Estimated Duration of Workshop: 3 to 5 days

Estimated Fee: Data not available.

Suited for: Senior Managers and Professionals


For Individual

  • Coaching mindset- That will enable better strategy execution for business growth.
  • Increase Organizational plus individual performance.
  • Ability to solve complex challenges through result yielding tools and techniques.
  • The programme will increase the creativity level of an individual.

For Organizations

A systematic approach for enhanced execution of strategies and confrontation of highly complex “performance management”.

Programme Component

  1. Brainstorming Techniques– Through simulations and identification of sources for sustainable cost.
  2. Developing and analyzing business models.
  3. Explore the impact of different strategic business decisions through case studies and find a viable result.

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