We live in a digital age; everything around us is presented to us through digital platforms and in a way that compels us to engage in those trends, thereby enhancing the entire notion of consumerism. What sets the digital age apart from its predecessors is how creativity takes a frontal stage in this age. Be it through enamouring content, eye-catching strategies, or engaging design, the digital age is ruled by imagination. This gives an edge to creatively inclined business leaders to envision a landmark career in the realm of design

Role of MBA in Design

While creativity is an essential requirement to excel in the design industry, one can always excel in the industry by integrating such creativity with a managerial and quantitative aptitude. Gaining a formal MBA degree in this front makes one adept at assuming a higher position and reputation in the design industry. Some of the leading roles that one can take while joining the design industry post completion of an MBA degree are:

  • Design Manager in In-House design development team
  • Assistant Brand Manager
  • Design Entrepreneur
  • Design Researcher
  • Brand Insights Manager
  • Innovation Manager in In-house development team

List of Top Recruiters in Design

The recruiters are on an active lookout for fresh talent who have a creative outlook suiting the contemporary times and are also efficient manager. The job role of a visionary manager is a challenging yet enthralling one; hence the selection process in these organisations remains highly rigorous.

Some of the organisations recruiting in this realm are:

  • Think Design
  • Emotome
  • Pineapple Design
  • Nutanix
  • Omnimax Trader LLP
  • Goel Builders and Developers
  • iFortis Corporate
  • Embebo
  • Hyundai Motors
  • Hands of handmade
  • Nitswits Pvt Ltd.
  • Dastkar
  • Wiserfeed

Trending MBA courses in Design and Creative Sector

To pursue a career in design management, tailor-made courses for an individual to enter the industry are a perfect choice. Two of the most sought-after courses in this realm are:

MBA in Design Strategy and Management

This course is a suitable option for those looking to innovate and seek some learning on strategising. Seeking an interdisciplinary approach, the course instils a perspective among the students to understand and assimilate the human-centred design. The course is based on the studio model, which helps one build products, strategise marketing, and launch ideas by analysing market trends and consumer behaviour. This program aims to make a student competent enough to venture into the field and design revolutionary innovations. One has an option to enter a diverse spectrum of sectors like governance, products, ICT, entertainment, among many others. This program also makes one competent enough to make a career as a team leader, team player, or even an entrepreneur by initiating the launch of one’s start-up.

MBA in DA, AI, and Design Thinking

This course speaks length about how one discipline overlaps another and thereby makes one adept in many domains. The ever-evolving domain of data science and artificial intelligence and its integration with the creative realm is the coming-of-age field that design enthusiasts can pursue to make a lucrative career in design management. The upcoming organisations are searching for these skills and would immediately take the exceptional talent in the field on board. The program aims to equip such talents with the hands-on experience of working with such technologies to participate in the decision-making process and make an informed decision. Design thinking aptitude generated through the means and measures of this course would help one lead a business organisation to the zenith of success.

Why World University of Design

The World University of Design is a state-of-the-art space that facilitates the holistic range of courses to ensure the comprehensive development of an individual. Striving to create a conducive space for everyone involved and giving rise to tomorrow’s industry leaders, the curriculum is continually updated to suit current needs. From standard modules on general management and marketing to the newer and novel approaches in design management like principles of design, design pricing and cost control, and strategy and innovation, WUD ensures that a student’s mind is nourished with a top-notch level of knowledge. Thereby the faculty members on board are also the leading subject matter experts. Providing the industry connect through holistic placements, the supportive community at WUD ensures that students have a worthwhile learning adventure at the campus that is etched in their memories forever.

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