How to Make it Big in the Sports Management Industry Ft. IISM

Have you ever thought of taking your passion for sports to a level where you can make this a rewarding career? Some people love sports, and then some people love taking chances and challenges. These traits together make a winning combination for a successful career in Sports Management. This domain of management includes any and every business aspect of sports and recreation.

We have seen lately that the Indian sports industry has emerged as a critical player in the global market. This gives rise to more and more career opportunities in sports management, making this sector vaster than ever before.

Let’s talk facts. You must have seen many students interested in the sports domain but significantly less pursuing it as a career option. The sole reason is not many have enough information about Sports Management. In this article, we have helped you explore all the career opportunities in sports management.

A Degree in Sports Management

There’s more to employment in sports management than what first meets the eye. Getting these most sought-after jobs takes hustle, of course, but also demands excellent communication skills, analytical thinking and stand-out business savvy.

The most serious players in the field start with a degree in sports management at an established, accredited university. All the possible courses that can be pursued are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management
  • Master’s Degree in Sports Management
  • PGP in Sports Event Management

To help decide which is suitable for you, here’s a closer look at what sports management is all about and how to choose the program to best match your goals.

Sport managers can work for professional teams, their parent programs, colleges and universities, recreational departments, and sports marketing firms. They can be event managers, sports economists, financial, facility managers, promotion managers, or information experts.

International Institute of Sports Management (IISM) is India’s pioneer & first of its kind institution that offers sports management education. Established in 2010, the institute has built & empowered young professionals who’d fit into the niche carved within the sports industry. Let us look at the courses offered by IISM briefly:

Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management

This is a 3 Years full-time program in collaboration with the University of Mumbai & GICED. This is a uniquely designed sports management program to cater to the needs of today’s sporting ecosystem. One gets a lot of internship, research, and project development opportunities while pursuing this course. The college also provides all kinds of placement assistance.

Master’s Degree in Sports Management

This is a 2 Years full-time program in collaboration with the University of Mumbai & GICED aimed at developing world-class leaders who can handle and manage their roles with an understanding of the practices, strategies, and the fundamentals of the sporting ecosystem and the scopes in the related sector by instilling the necessary business and leadership skills.


PGP in Sports Event Management

The 11 months autonomous program offered by IISM is a brilliant opportunity for all those who want to build their career in Sports Event Management. This program develops the student’s capabilities to accomplish sports events smoothly. Brilliant placement opportunities offered by the college make this course even more demanding among students.

IISM Eligibility Criteria:

Before applying to the college, one must read the eligibility criteria carefully. All the candidates willing to apply for Bachelors in Sports Management must secure at least 50% in their HSC level.

To be eligible to apply for Masters in Sports Management or PGP in Sports Event Management one must have completed graduation in any field with at least 50%.

IISM Admission Process:

The admission process at IISM can be broadly divided into two stages:

Stage 1 – a) SMAT (80 marks) b) Overall Performance (20 marks) and Essay for undergraduates/ Caselets for postgraduates (80 marks)

The candidates must at least secure 50% marks in the 1st stage of the admission process (i.e. 90 out of 180).

Stage 2: Personal Interview

Stage 1 and 2 cumulatively carry 300 marks, and the minimum score required to acquire admission at IISM Mumbai is 60%, i.e., 180 marks.

About SMAT: Sports Management Admission Test is an online entrance test to apply for admission at IISM. The test is specially designed to cater to a particular domain – i.e. sports management. Sports Management Admission Test Entrance exam will be for 80 Marks and will comprise the following:

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Verbal Ability
  • Sports Awareness

Master of Sports Management, PGP in Sports Event Management aspirants can apply with their MAH-CET scores and will get a waiver from appearing for the SMAT Entrance exam.

SMAT is scheduled on 24 August 2021. Last date to register is 21 August 2021.

You can find more information about the programmes here.

Job & Salary Potential in Sports Management

 There are enough job opportunities in sports management. At IISM, students acquire various skills for sectors like business and administration, public relations, marketing, managing media, sports celebrities, and officials and prepare for entrepreneurship. The job profiles offered under sports management are:

  • Marketing assistant
  • Sales manager
  • Media relations assistant
  • Special events coordinator
  • Promotion manager
  • Guest relations specialist
  • Tournament director
  • Sports information director
  • Athletic director
  • Facilities manager

 The most esteemed recruiters who hire sports manager at IISM is

  • BCCI
  • MCA
  • IMG Reliance
  • Star Sports
  • IPL
  • Aditya Birla Sports
  • Tata Trusts
  • Sportz Consult
  • TransStadia
  • Total Sports and Fitness
  • Tamil Thalaivas
  • EduSports
  • Sportz Interactive
  • Rajasthan Royals

There are endless opportunities if you wish to pursue your career in Sports Management. All you need is complete information about this field. With this, we come to the end of the article. We genuinely hope you found this informative, and if you did, please don’t forget to subscribe to PaGaLGuY for more amazing MBA content.

You can find all the information about IISM and their programmes here. Have any queries regarding IISM? Click here to get answers from IISM Officials within minutes.