Can I get a call from TAPMI Manipal with a 70+ Percentile in the CAT?

The admission process for TAPMI Manipal is not rigid like most top universities, colleges, and institutes across India. It has been revamped time and again to keep up with the coming trends. It was revamped again in 2019 and the new admission process for TAPMI Manipal is now somewhat behavioural in nature.

There will be additional steps to the admission process, in addition to the ones that test the objective capabilities of the student. These steps will be aimed at evaluating the behavioural side of the respective candidates. These steps will be a group discussion session and a critical incident interview.

These tests will have various hidden portions which will be testing several of the candidate’s responses when under pressure. The candidates will be tested on the amount of empathy they show for both the situation at hand and their peers.

They will also test the self-management of the candidate, that is, how well does the candidate hold themselves when participating in a heated discussion while presenting their views. The examiner will also determine how well a candidate is oriented towards achievements.

But most of all, these rounds will test the ability of the candidate to be resolute under pressure while maintaining an optimum level of teamwork, and how well can a candidate lead others who he does not know to get to a good solution.

Though you cannot apply to any programme by TAPMI if your CAT 2019 score is less than 85 percentile, you can apply using your score in XAT 2020 and stand a very good chance of selection of your profile is strong enough. The Faculty at TAPMI has undergone a unique process of 3D training which has helped them in better understanding the way to conduct such complicated interviews and group discussions while judging each candidate fairly. The institute sees the candidates and looks for four Cs to decide who will be its future students:

  • Curiosity: This is a very important aspect for students. At TAPMI, everyone encourages you to learn with will and continue questioning each traditional approach wherever you come across it. Curiosity is a very important part that should be present.
  • Character: As you must have probably realized by the newly introduced tests, the institute takes the character of its future students very seriously. They look for a person with a positive mindset while solving problems.
  • Craving: TAPMI wants its students to be craving excellence. It wants its students to be passionate for their success and achieve excellence.
  • Communication: TAPMI has always rated the communication skills of a candidate very highly as a deciding factor for their admission. This is because if a student cannot communicate well, they won’t be able to express their views properly.

Other things that may help your case for getting admission in TAPMI without having a great CAT score is having a great job profile or a great history of extra curriculars. This will help you edge out your competitors. Because of the flexibility in its admission process, a low CAT score does not mean the end of your TAPMI Manipal dreams.

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