How many seats are there for TAPMI PGDM-HRM Course?

Before aiming for any goal or target, the first thing to do is to get an idea of the competition for the target. This gives us an idea about the feasibility of our goal and gives us a road map for the changes we need to make so that we can get there.

Similarly, if you aspire to get admission in any School for Business Management in the country, otherwise known as B-Schools, the first thing that you should do as an MBA aspirant is find out about the number of seats that the institution has in its flagship programme.  This gives you a very clear numerical idea about the work you will have to out in to stand a chance.

TAPMI Manipal is one of the premier B-schools in India. It has been operating for over 35 years and has had consistently brilliant results with its PGDM program over the years. If anything, they have just been improving.

The PGDM program in Human Resource Management (PGDM-HRM) that TAPMI provides is very unique in its own right. This program has been built to provide a strong focus on an awareness of the business environment.

This also helps in detecting any shifts in the paradigms of the industry and then upgrade the competency of the course as well as the students to help them meet the challenge better.

The PGDM-HRM program at TAPMI Manipal continuously strives to facilitate the growth of individuals in the role they will play in the future. It helps them develop a competency in the Management of People so that they become great professionals in the field of Human Resource Management.

A few modules involved in the PGDM HRM course provided by TAPMI are:

  • Behavioural Discipline: This is a course that enables an individual gain the nous required to tackle various dicey situations that they will face in the future. These situations involve both individual problems and team problems as well as the much more complicated problems related with the role of leadership.
  • HRM Discipline: Apart from a competency to handle the people, an HR should also be strategically competent and know the functioning of the company. This course enables the candidate to develop a deep understanding of both the strategy and the functions of a company.
  • Institutional Discipline: This part of the course helps the student to tackle the relations between various employees well to keep the integrity of the company intact and prevent any in-fighting. It also enables them to tackle the relations between different companies and different industries well, to help keep the image of the company intact.

The Human Resource Management program under the PGDM course offered by TAPMI is highly sought after among the MBA aspirants of the country.

This is because of the various training it gives to its students apart from its specially designed curriculum which is updated regularly to keep up with the changing times. The institute offers a total of 60 seats in the HRM specialization of its flagship program.

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