Eminent institutes like TAPMI Manipal need no introduction to their flagship PGDM programs. Having been a leader of the field since it was established 35 years ago, TAPMI has consistently churned out leaders and game changers in the field of management.

It has about 5000 alumni and more than a fifth of them are currently leading various companies into the future at various CXO levels. Here we will take a look at the various specializations of the PGDM program that TAPMI Manipal has to offer:

1. PGDM General

a. TAPMI Manipal’s flagship PGDM program has a very well defined mission which is “Leadership through Value-Creation”.

b. The aim of the program is to create leaders who are well rounded and are good in various roles.

c. There are several results that the program aims to see in its students once they have completed their course. They are:

  • Becoming masters of their domain
  • Having enhanced skills
  • Ability to take up uncertain initiatives with little or no guidance
  • Being level headed during arguments, communicating their ideas well, while taking in feedback even if those feedbacks are against their own views or ideologies
  • Not being influenced by short term benefits while taking decisions for the future


a. The PGDM-BKFS program that TAPMI offers has a mission which is encapsulated in the statement: “Value-Creation through Financial Analysis”.

b. Based loosely on the MS-Finance program from the United States, this program also has some additional pointers for the management of business for ensuring that the students grasp the art of making financial decisions for business at all levels.

c. There are many reasons for you to choose the PGDM-BKFS program offers by TAPMI. A few of those are:

  • The availability of various scholarships for students to help them pursue FRM and CFA
  • A curriculum certified by FRM and CFA C-BOK
  • Training with BSE Training Institute from Mumbai and SBI’s Staff Training College in Hyderabad for helping the students learn the relevant industry skills
  • A course integrated in real time by the highly sophisticated TAPMI Finance Lab


a. The mission of the PGDM HR program offered by TAPMI is “Value Creation through People”.

b. The HR program at TAPMI is very focused on the developing an awareness for the business environment. It teaches all the three disciplines required for an HR professional: Behavioural Discipline, Institutional Discipline, and HRM Discipline.

c. If you want a few more reasons to join the HR program by TAPMI, they are:

  • A curriculum which has been collaboratively designed by SHRM
  • HRM based on evidence and analytics from the industry
  • Development of strong skills in negotiation and industrial relations
  • Various workshops and hands-on training experiences to help develop assessment of various situations

4. PGDM Sales

a. The mission of the Sales program is “Value Creation through Growth”.

b. The newest program launched by TAPMI (starting year 2019), its aim is to produce people who are trained professionally to be capable of taking up managerial and leadership roles in the field of marketing and sales.

c. Despite being a newer program, the benefits it entails are:

  • Curriculum designed around actual practice and a more comprehensive insight
  • Focused on employment with high value
  • Guidance by alumni who are at various senior positions in the sales department
  • Various extended programs for internships

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