TAPMI Manipal Executive Education Programme, Check here for more detail

For the uninitiated, TAPMI is an institution which finds its place among the best Business management schools of the country. It is actually one among the top 20 in the entire country. Since it was established in 1984, TAPMI has educated and prepared students for further life.

It has been doing so for 36 years and will continue to do so. During these years, it has received wide acclaim and even recognition for the sheer quality of the residential 2 year program for getting the Post Graduate Diploma in various Management programs.

The previous students, recruiters over the years, parents of the students, the industry and the academia- all of these have identified TAPMI as an eminent institution. It has received accolades from various accreditation agencies, both national and international.

In fact, in 2012, TAPMI was bestowed with the highly sought after AACSB-International Accreditation. This accredits high quality in an institute’s academic process. Only 6 business schools in the country can boast of having this accreditation.

TAPMI is situated in Manipal. You can reach Manipal with a drive slightly longer than an hour from Karnataka’s Mangalore Airport. It is a completely residential campus and is fully modern. It has amazing facilities in the hostels for the accommodation of hostels and world-class quarters for the faculty too.

The executives who come to TAPMI for various training programs also find good accommodation there. There are more than 55 full time faculty in the institution, each having a degree from various reputed institutions, both in the country and abroad. There are many who have a great experience working in the industry too.

TAPMI has a rich history in hosting Executive Education programs, both in the long term and the short term. It conducts these programs along with various programs for company training in its Manipal campus.

The Executive Education Programs of TAPMI

TAPMI has a rich history with its executive education programs with first class accreditations and a faculty that is top brass. These executive education programs are very useful to add worth to the aspirants careers without the candidates to take any break.

It is aimed to help the candidates delve into new learning techniques which are cutting edge. They widen the view of the candidate and broaden the scope and the horizons of their employment. This gives them a boost which they require in their careers, thus getting a better chance than others in this increasingly more competitive world.

Critical Objectives of the TAPMI Executive Program

  1. The executive program gives a great opportunity to the candidates for engaging with corporates and building a network. This often leads to crucial outcomes like bagging internships and sometimes even job opportunities for them.
  2. The executive program gives the faculty of TAPMI to interact more with the corporates, thus helping them in getting a better grasp of the current trends in the industry and the expectations of companies, and then improving the curriculum accordingly.
  3. It provides a lot of new opportunities for revenue while creating a good perception about TAPMI.

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