B-School Students Engaged in a virtual Internship at Coca Cola amidst Covid-19 lockdown

Summer internships are the ultimate vacation goals for most college-going students who want to earn a little cash, pass their time and most importantly, gain experience and inspiration to work better from the specific company they are working with.

Thousands of college students apply for internships at the prestigious profit and nonprofit institutions and companies in buzzing cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

Due to the start of the terrible pandemic, not only the students have missed their last few months at college but have also missed their fair share of opportunities for claiming a hot-shot internship with a great company somewhere in the country.

The pandemic had locked up everyone in their homes, and the summer plans for on-the-job work went in vain. But, here comes the blessing of the internet and virtual internships. The great alternative of working at an office is to work from home.

Work from home has been advised during this pandemic, and everyone has been welcoming it with open arms, and so have the students who want to gain experience from an internship. Just like that, 30 students of India’s top B-schools have gained the opportunity to work at Coca-Cola from their homes! 

30 students bagged the internship at Coca-Cola 

Most of the companies in India have been revoking their internship offers for the summer due to the lack of work opportunities and other difficulties they have been facing, but on the other hand, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB) which is one of the most popular companies in India has stepped up to benefit themselves and to offer the opportunity to students to work with them.

Around 30 students were selected for the esteemed internship from India’s best business schools, like IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon and NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai.

The Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages (HCCB) is responsible for the creation of publicly loved beverages like Minute Maid and Maaza. This chance of working with them was a big deal for the students, and they did not let them down! 

In conversation with the Chief Human Resources Officer, HCCB

According to our sources, Indrajeet Sengupta, who is the Chief Human Resources Officer of HCBB was interviewed regarding the virtual summer internship that they had put forth for the business school students.

He remarked that the summer internship for the students began in April and will be extended until the late of June. He shared his views opinions regarding the ongoing situation and also suggested the way forward. Here is a detailed conversation that he had with the interviewer.

  • What all does the virtual internship cover?

He disclosed that the interns had been provided with on-the-job training, working on a real business problem, end to end solutions through online classes, online mentoring, data analysis, and project reviews.

The Senior Leadership Team that is responsible for the thriving of the interns made sure that they supported and empowered the student interns throughout their journey. The team leaders interacted with the interns regularly to know about their progress and help them out if they were facing some issues with the job. 

  • How will the summer internship cover the lost opportunity to visit the factories and help the interns understand the manufacturing process? 

The Chief Human Resources Officer exclaimed with pride that their company and their fantastic team had made sure that the students who were offered the internships before the lockdown began, get their fair share of a chance to still work with them, unlike most of the other companies in India.

He conveyed that their team has made sure that the interns feel they are working in a safe space and environment. The senior team has worked hard towards making the student interns feel protected, both physically and emotionally.

Now coming to the experiencing of the manufacturing processes of the beverages, the Chief Human Resources Officer made it known that the interns have been provided with various augmented reality videos on manufacturing processes, which they can watch and learn a little bit about.

The virtual tour of the market dynamics and the manufacturing process made it possible for their team to educate the interns about their company’s success and objectives. 

  • How were the interns guided and supported through the process? 

He stated that each intern was partnered up with an expert who mentored them throughout their internship through the work process and also psychologically helped them by making them familiar with the work ethics and processes.

The mentors on their end have been working tirelessly to help the interns, coach them and support them during these trying times.

Also, he mentioned that due to the certain relations that the government has provided to the lockdown, i.e. the Unlock.0.1, they have come in contact with the college placement committee (which have made it possible for the students to work with Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages) to extend the internship for not more than 15 days.

The extended time that has been provided by the college placement committee would be used to allow the student interns to visit the factories, as well as the marketplaces to observe the process of manufacturing and working.

Keeping the COVID-19 virus in mind, the students will be safely taken around to the factories that are already in their hometown, or around them, while following all the protocols of the government. 

  • In his opinion, what is the most important thing that the students are learning during their internship? 

Indrajeet Sengupta expressed that although the times are tough and the students have not got the chance to work at an office, exactly; they must grab the opportunity to make their homes their office. He pointed out that the major learning that the students are doing at this time while working at their company is noticing how the team works and still stands strong in the time of crisis. 

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Source: Edex Live.