I am Saloni Srivastava, a YouTuber and a coach, and I have been helping thousands of people live a life that they’re truly proud of! Today, I am here to share 5 ways to help you keep yourself motivated amidst this difficult situation.

Covid-19 has definitely turned our lives upside down. Our entire lifestyle has changed to an extent that nobody would have imagined even in their wildest dreams. I mean, who would have thought that something as small as a virus would have the capacity to stop the entire world from working!

Amidst all the other kinds of chaos- MBA colleges have all also gone shut and even exams have been pushed or have been called off. And because of this, so many students like you who had wonderful plans for their lives ahead, have been kept hanging due to postponing of examinations or due to delay in admissions.

Given the situation is out of our control, here are some things you can still do to keep yourselves motivated.

  • Set small goals for every day.

To look at the whole picture might only cause you more stress since we cannot see a deadline and a solution to this situation right now. Therefore, it’s important that we take each day as it comes. 

One day at a time, one goal for the day. 

It could be something as simple as cleaning your wardrobe or learning to cook a staple- but ensure that you have a small goal every day and make sure to reach the goal by the end of the day. 

And when you actually do achieve this, it will leave you feeling accomplished and won’t make you feel guilty about wasting one more day from your life. 🙂

  • Learn something that is useful in the long run.

While we obviously can’t go to college to start our learning, we can always rely on the internet to learn a new life skill. Learn from Youtube videos, podcasts, or even some really amazing online courses that are easy to find these days. 

I too have recently launched her own online school, HustlePost Academy, where I teach people to start a small business project, and grow it into something big and scalable in 1 year’s time. 

Whatever you choose to learn, use this time to actually learn beyond just text books and something that would actually help you make some money to sustain yourselves during your Post Graduation days.

  • Have a daily schedule.

After being a student for an entire lifetime, it is easy to take this as a chance to lay back and relax, which in turn might lead to procrastination. 

So, do not just waste these days away by binge-watching TV series or lazing around.

Have a set schedule every day and allot time to practice your hobbies, fine tune your skills,  work-out, eat well and to all that you never had time for before.

  • Keep in touch with family and friends.

It is important to make sure that you tell yourselves that you have friends and family to always have your back. It is equally important to tell them that you have their back as well.

It is a difficult phase and several people are going through different kinds of stress. Situations like these should only increase the bond between great relationships and not the other way round. 

Thanks to the amazing technology we have, we can not just tell and talk, but also look at our loved ones far away from us. 

Though we cannot shake hands and hug, due to the distance and social distancing, we definitely can listen to what they want to say and pour out our hearts as well.

  • Prioritize your health.

The obvious things here are to not step out of the house if it is not really necessary, wear masks and gloves when you do have to step out, and also wash your hands when you come in contact with an outsider.

But also, now that you may have some extra time in hand- plan your meals, eat healthy, give time to work out and beyond all this, give extra care to your mental health as well.

Try meditating every day, focus on the good things you have, and if nothing works, definitely see a therapist when you are feeling too down or low.

Like many challenges that have come your way, you will surpass this stage as well. Your admissions will resume and so will your paused life. Hold on till then and stay positive. 🙂

Distract yourselves from the Covid scores and try to look at the greener side of the grass.

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Stay connected with fellow students on PaGaLGuY for GMAT Exam Discussions

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