A CFO, commonly christened as Chief Financial Officer, is a critical designation in a company responsible for managing the organization’s capital or lifeblood. From leading the company to advising about the finances, from being a risk manager to strategist & planner, all these multiple challenging roles are done by CFOs.

The CFOs work with the CEOs and the core executive team to draw up the overall planning and strategy of the business to route the organization in the precise path of exponential growth in this competitive market.

The survey done by Ernst & Young says that in the next three years, the demands for the responsibility of the CFOs will rise. 

The most challenging question for the aspiring CFOs to ponder is how they could fulfil all these responsibilities of this so-called most demanding job.

A remedy to this question becomes the IIM Calcutta’s Chief Financial Officer Programme, which strongly supports the students to excel at this role. 

Getting insight into the role of a Chief Financial Officer

What becomes the most important tool for a CFO to work marvellously is data( information). Their work depends on collecting the correct data, transforming it into insights and then forwarded to the organization’s decision-makers.

However, this job is not confined to numbers though it is about understanding the context of the business and connecting with all the organization’s stakeholders.

The organization respects the CFOs due to their importance in various services to the business. Thus they must be fully equipped to prove their excellence in these responsibilities. These new and evolving CFOs should know about balancing traditional and modern responsibilities with modern mandates. Due to the market’s volatility, the company’s best plans may also get hampered. Here come the Chief Financial officers for rescue, who find out where to find the company’s capital and put it to the best use to extract the required value. A CFO knows all these critical factors like strategy, finance systems and technology to get better results for the company. 

Chief Financial officer programme offered by IIM Calcutta

IIM Calcutta, a second-ranked college in the Financial Times Masters in management rankings 2020, is known for its transformative programme. The CFO programme is the most sought after, which features the essentials required to become a talented CFO. From portfolio management to value creation, from corporate strategy to digital transformation and design thinking, all the necessary aspects are enriched in the mindset of the senior level.

Chief financial officer by IIM Calcutta: Course Highlights

IIM Calcutta is known for its subject matter specialists and eminent faculty members, which helps future leaders stay ahead of the curve. Let’s check the course highlights of the CFO programme offered by IIM Calcutta. 

  • This CFO programme offered by IIM Calcutta teaches about the proper usage of the new business models and how to ground operations in solid financial criteria. This enriches them by leading the firms to grow and globalize by tackling critical issues and building alliances.
  • The programme offers strategic leadership insight into the competitive strategy, industry attractiveness, and design thinking, including aspects like practical and creative problem solving, digital transformation, business model innovation, artificial intelligence and machine learning in decision-making, and essential sources of profitability. The economics of the intermediation and unique collaborative arrangements are the crucial functional areas in the CFO programme offered by IIM Calcutta.
  • This programme offers future leaders real-world experiences and best practices that would help them cross-learn through peers and also learn with simulations and exercise.
  • Finally, the program helps young leaders transform digital finances to gain insight. It also strengthens them to boost productivity, spot trends and maximize business values. It enriches them to work with the organization’s key decision-makers to minimize the risks by skillfully routing the business to the correct growth path. 

Course format and Benefits of the CFO programme

This program is designed for nine months, including live online classes and a possibility for five days in-class sessions at the IIM Calcutta campus. It enriches the candidates to be industry ready for excelling in the work of a CFO at the end of the programme. However, students are also eligible for various benefits like being a part of the prestigious IIM Calcutta Executive Education Alumni status which would unlock the vast professional network of the alumni.

A critical benefit to the students is from Eruditus career services that will help them build a profile precisely to what the companies search for in their employees.

Students are also eligible for three 90 minute workshops from career management industry experts that will assure job placements from the partner companies.

However, this programme is designed for senior professionals with a minimum of 10 years of work experience. Joining this program would improve the career aspects and professional journey of the leaders of businesses

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