On the 10th of October 2021, IlluminatiX – the Media and PR Cell of XIM conducted its 8th Annual Media Conclave, Communiqué ’21, themed “Domino Effect PR: Communication in the Hands of the Masses.”

A quick introduction to the theme kicked off Communiqué. The opening video set the conclave’s direction, which presented a preview of the overall topic.

Dr. Samir Kapur, Director of Adfactors PR, was the first to speak. He discussed what public relations means in today’s environment and how technology has aided in its progress. He also shared his thoughts on why public relations is more important than ever and how to conceive of the world as a storyteller. He also stressed Google’s use, comparing it to the world’s reputation management system and the PR metric of the future. In his final remarks, he stated that the new generation of managers must recognize that the control era is over, and he underlined the importance of people management. Following his presentation, the speaker took questions from the pupils.

Our second speaker, Mr. Mudassar Hossain, Managing Partner at Ogilvy, was introduced following a brief intermission. He spoke about the importance of the human touch and how human values may affect PR in a highly participatory session. He stated that the power of ideas and story creation has an impact on a company’s products. He offered his thoughts on the importance of human activities in PR, and he explained Domino Effect PR with numerous instances. He presented the concept of the Product Story reigning supreme above Product Functionality and how customers loved brave brands. He mingled with the audience and answered their questions at the end of his presentation.

Prashant SUkhwani, Brand & Communications Head of Burger King Corporation, was the third and last speaker of the day. He explained his views of how the domino effect works after his introduction. He described how public relations contributes to the spread of an event. He demonstrated how the ads were influenced by and took advantage of various trends using many Burger King examples. He underlined the importance of context in dialogue and stated that the domino effect does not happen quickly when it comes to changing customer behaviour. He shared his thoughts on how to deal with change and the difficulties that come with it. Following his presentation, the speaker took questions from the pupils.

Ananya Das, the student coordinator of IlluminatiX’s Media and PR Cell, gave a vote of appreciation at the end of the conclave.



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