Investing in quality education is a decision that can yield numerous benefits and help launch a successful career in the competitive business world. With the fast-paced advancements in technology and the ever-changing job market, having a management degree from a reputable institution is more important than ever. Recent studies have shown that professionals who receive a quality education are more likely to excel in their careers and achieve higher remuneration & corporate success. This article explores the significant impact of quality education on career formation, leadership development, and the improvement of critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. By the conclusion, you will comprehend the importance of quality education as a valuable investment & how to find the right b-school that prepares you for any future career path or industry.

Let’s see why quality education is a crucial ingredient for success:

  • Improved Career Outcomes
  • Higher job placement rates
  • Higher salaries
  • Better job satisfaction
  • Enhanced Critical Thinking
  • Better Networking Opportunities
  • Improved Leadership Skills
  • Provides Career Flexibility

Irrespective of the industry or career path one chooses, receiving a quality education can aid in career development and prepare individuals for their future endeavours.

How VBS Endeavors to Provide Quality Education

Vivekanand Business School is a premier institution that offers a full-time, two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). With its rich pool of highly-distinguished faculty, modern state-of-the-art infrastructure, and practical approach to management education, it is no wonder why Vivekanand Business School is considered one of the best business schools. Let’s see why VBS stands out as a B-school that helps build careers and authentic leaders.

Strong PGDM curriculum approved by industry experts, with a focus on innovation and critical thinking

The Board of Studies at VBS comprises of 36 members with significant experience in diverse fields of Administration, Education and Business. It plays a pivotal role in examining the syllabus, suggesting amendments in the syllabus based on industry trends and encouraging industry engagements in the form of Internships, Projects or Guest Lectures. The National Board of Accreditation accredits the PGDM program at VBS, and It is equivalent to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) granted by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

Empowering students with skills to face global challenges

Sumedh Rewatkar, Cluster Market Development Incharge, Pidilite Industries Limited, Batch 2014 – 2016, has some valuable insights about his alma mater “I feel that VBS provided me with the best opportunity to develop my skills in marketing and business analytics. The teaching method differed from what I was used to, emphasising practical learning through hands-on activities in most courses. I had access to upgraded analytics facilities in the college and had the privilege of attending several interactive sessions with experts in big data and marketing, which I believe helped me settle into my current job. The summer placement program was also a major turning point in my life, as it prepared me for the challenges of the real job environment. Additionally, the social immersion program inspired me to take social issues seriously.

VBS is one of the few educational institutions that not only focus on students’ career development but also places great importance on shaping them into socially responsible individuals.”

Experiential learning and real-life exposure through industrial visits

Atharva Kulkarni, Business Intelligence Consultant, Quosphere, Batch 2016 – 2018, attributes his success to the pedagogy of VBS. “I was fortunate to be part of the PGDM Business Analytics batch 2018 at VBS. I am proud to say that the teaching at VBS goes beyond the classroom walls, and my learning experience was both empowering and inspiring. The faculty and staff consistently challenged us to reach our potential. The Business Analytics course covered the latest trends in analytics and the conventional modules of a management curriculum. As the course progressed, I realised that my colleagues were integral to my learning experience.

Personally, I gained a great deal of skills and knowledge from this program, which gave me the mental strength to take on new challenges. The library and multiple computer centers, along with the faculty’s expertise, provided us with holistic knowledge of the analytics field. The curriculum also offered a variety of business subjects and electives to choose from.

The institute’s support and faculty involvement were intense and continuous, using classroom lectures, group presentations, and teamwork sessions. The institute also gave us exposure to the market through internships, conferences, and guest lectures. Whether you’re an innovative entrepreneur or a job seeker, VBS provides abundant opportunities to excel and succeed in your preferred domains.”

A robust mentoring program that guides in placement and career development

Ruby Mamtora, Financial Analyst – Barclays Bank (Batch 2016 – 2018) states her experience at VBS; “Thanks to VBS’s PGDM program, my career has been elevated to a new level. I gained extensive knowledge and skills in finance, accounting, operations, international business, marketing and company strategies, which enabled me to analyse and solve complex business issues. The program’s up-to-date course materials also helped me apply my newfound knowledge directly to my work.

One of the main reasons I was drawn to the PGDM course was its “Learning by Doing” approach. The program was highly practical and allowed me to immediately apply what I learned in the classroom to my work. The team-building workshops were also valuable as they allowed me to collaborate with students from diverse backgrounds and broaden my perspective on business.

VBS has exceptional infrastructure and faculty. Additionally, the placement opportunities continue to improve year after year. Thanks to VBS’s innovative course and teaching methodologies, combined with practical skills and industry exposure, I am confident in pursuing my career with success.”

Vivekanand Business School Mumbai: A Valuable MBA Prospect 

The success of the institute can be witnessed in the testimonials given by the alumni who are leading global organisations in key roles. Vivekanand Business School, Mumbai, is an institute that doesn’t follow a blinkered approach of using only classroom teaching. Let’s see why VBS is a valuable MBA prospect.

Ranked among the top institutes in the country

Vivekanand business school ranking speaks for its excellent pedagogy built around providing quality education. The institute was recently ranked 4th amongst top private MBA institutions in Mumbai by Outlook icare India MBA Rankings 2023. It bagged 6th place among the top MBA Colleges in Mumbai and was ranked 58th among the top B-Schools in India by

VBS rankings also include being the top 11th B-School of Eminence by Competition Success Review, top 10th B-School in Mumbai by Times of India B-School Survey 2022 and #62 for MBA/PGDM by Times 2022 Rankings. The institute was also awarded the honour of the Best Management College in Maharashtra for Placement 2021 by the Centre for Education Growth and Research (CEGR).

Excellent RoI

With an Average Package of INR 7 lakhs, the Highest Domestic Package of INR 12.5 lakhs and the Highest International Salary touching INR 19.75 lakhs, the institute offers an excellent ROI to students with quality corporate exposure and excellent placement opportunities. The institute was awarded the Best institute for placements by ASSOCHAM in the Education Excellence Awards 2023. 

Outstanding scholarship program for high-achieving students

VBS is committed to recognising and supporting high-achieving students in their pursuit of academic excellence. To this end, the institute offers a scholarship program that rewards meritorious students with up to 100% tuition fee waiver. The scholarship program has five categories based on rank, with the first-place winner receiving a full 100% tuition fee waiver, while the fifth-place winner receives a 20% waiver. The scholarship amount for the first-place winner is Rs.2,13,000, and for the second and third-place winners, it’s Rs.1,59,750 and Rs.1,06,500, respectively. For the fourth and fifth-place winners, the scholarship amount is Rs.53,250 and Rs.42,600, respectively. The scholarship program provides a great opportunity for students to excel in their studies while being rewarded for their hard work and dedication. By offering these scholarships, VBS supports deserving students and motivates others to strive for academic excellence.

In conclusion, Vivekanand Business School takes a unique approach to management education that emphasises the overall development of its students. With a focus on real-world experience and hands-on learning, VBS prepares its graduates for successful leadership positions. Whether you’re looking to advance your career or gain the skills necessary to become a successful manager, VBS can be the right choice.

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