MET Mumbai is a renowned institute offering a range of academic programs, including the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) program. The PGDM program at MET Mumbai has been created to ensure that students have a detailed understanding of different management practices and principles. The program focuses on developing students’ analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to help them become effective leaders in the business world.

One of the essential requirements for admission to the PGDM program at MET Mumbai is a valid scorecard from the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MAH-CET). The MAH-MBA/MMS CET scorecard is a crucial factor in determining a student’s eligibility for admission to the program. This state-level exam, conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, enables students to get admission to different management courses in Maharashtra.

Overview of MET Mumbai

MET Mumbai is a premier management institute in Mumbai, India. Established in 1989, it is one of the country’s oldest and most reputed institutes. Over the years, MET Mumbai has gained a reputation for providing high-quality management education and producing industry-ready professionals.

MET Mumbai offers a range of PGDM programs, each designed to meet the evolving needs of the industry. These programs are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). Some of the key PGDM programs MET Mumbai offers include PGDM (e-Business) and PGDM (Media & Entertainment).

Overview of PGDM Programs at MET Mumbai 

The PGDM program at MET Mumbai, which has been ranked among the top PGDM offering Institutes in Mumbai, was launched in 2007. Since then, it has become one of the most sought-after B-schools in India, attracting graduates from various fields such as BBA, BMS, BMM, Pharmacy, Engineering and B. Com from across the country. The PGDM (e-Business) program offered by MET goes beyond an MBA, as it not only hones managerial skills but also provides students with the necessary technological tools and understanding to succeed in today’s digital business landscape.

The world and Indian environment are constantly changing, which has led to significant changes in business practices and society. The recent pandemic has only accelerated these changes, resulting in the emergence of a new world order. In response, the PGDM program at MET Mumbai is continuously being updated to fulfil its original purpose of producing trained managers well-versed in the latest management techniques required by the corporate world. Alongside the core areas of specialization in Marketing, Finance, Human Relations, Systems, and Operations, the course curriculum at MET also includes:

  • Design Thinking: A unique and practical course on this creative problem solving methodology.
  • Strategic Management: Essential aspects of organization management, including case studies of leading global companies.
  • Business Analytics: a key course that equips students with the skills to use data and quantitative analysis for decision-making and optimizing organizational performance.
  • Digital Business and Digital Marketing: Designed to empower students in the IT-driven corporate framework.
  • eCommerce: The course focuses on running and succeeding in businesses beyond brick-and-mortar structures.

The PGDM Course at MET has also introduced some unique NEW AGE add-on specializations that include: 

  • FinTech
  • MarTech
  • EduTech
  • Healthcare Management 
  • Start-ups and New Enterprise Management

Apart from PGDM (e-Business), MET Mumbai also offers a specialized program called PGDM (Media & Entertainment), tailored for individuals seeking to work in the fast-paced and rapidly growing media and entertainment industry. This unique MBA program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the media industry and the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed as professionals in this field.

Recognition and Accreditation 

MET Mumbai’s PGDM programs are recognized and accredited by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The AICTE accreditation is significant as it ensures that the PGDM programs offered by MET meet the standards of quality education set by the regulatory body. It also serves as a mark of credibility and recognition of the institute’s commitment to providing excellent management education. 


The PGDM programs at MET Mumbai are designed to provide students with a wealth of experiential learning opportunities. Critical inputs are properly delivered with the help of interactive methods that include management games, case studies, role plays, videos, workshops, networking, seminars, and so much more. The PGDM in Media & Entertainment curriculum focuses on media business management, combining conventional lecture methods and case-based learning.

Role plays, simulations, and experiential design thinking techniques also enhance students’ practical knowledge and skills. The program also includes business plans, formative and summative assessments, rubric evaluation formats, and live experiential projects. 

To further promote networking and entrepreneurship, MET Mumbai offers live wire networking opportunities and fosters innovation labs. The institute also provides the MET certified – Campus to Corporate program, which helps students transition seamlessly from their academic life to the corporate world. The program includes an eight-week summer internship, live projects, and an industry threshold program in the fourth semester, leading to placements.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

MET Mumbai has collaborated with leading banks to offer special educational loan schemes for eligible candidates. Interested applicants can obtain more information about these schemes from the institute.

The MET Freeship Awards are available to financially disadvantaged but academically qualified students. A committee has been set up to evaluate applicants based on their scores and proof of family income. While the program is intended to support two students per program, if there are more deserving candidates, the grant will be distributed equally among all of them.

Campus Facilities and Infrastructure

MET Mumbai boasts a campus fully equipped with the latest technology and amenities to support students’ educational and personal growth. The campus is equipped with AC classrooms that are fully enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity, providing an environment conducive to learning. The e-libraries have over 64,000 books, 200 periodicals, and 30,000 international online magazines and databases, enabling students to access various resources. 

The information and technology centres are also equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring that students can always stay connected. The conference rooms have the latest audio-visual facilities and learning aids, creating a corporate-like atmosphere that fosters learning. The hi-tech convention centre is designed for seminars and management workshops. The campus also has designated recreation areas where students can unwind after class. MET Mumbai has gone the extra mile to create an environment that inspires students to expand their horizons.

Alumni Network and Support

MET Mumbai has a strong alumni network that spans the world. The institute’s alumni are spread across various industries and hold senior positions in leading companies. The alumni association of MET Mumbai, known as the MET Alumni Association plays a crucial role in keeping the alumni network active and engaged.

The association regularly organizes events and activities that allow alumni to connect and network. These events also serve as a platform for alumni to share their experiences and knowledge with current students of the institute. The association also offers mentoring programs and career guidance to the students to help them make informed career decisions.

Speaking on the MET PGDM program and the alumni network, one of the alumni, Harikiran Anand, adds, “I am fortunate to be part of the MET family. I always wanted to be a student of MET as it’s a renowned college strategically located in Bandra, Mumbai. The faculty and non-teaching staff members have respected degrees. They always go the extra mile to help students in every regard. The institute’s infrastructure is very spacious, making my enthusiasm always at its peak. The Alumni network hosts a lot of benefits in networking and interacting, we reach out for mentorship with ease.”

Admission Process for MAH-CET Scorecard Holders 

Following are the important requirements for students who are MAH-CET score card holders and want to get admission to PGDM courses in MET Mumbai. The selection is done on the basis of MAH-CET Entrance, Statement of Purpose, Personal Interview, Personality Factors Test (including GD), Academics Performance, and other parameters. 

Candidates can also apply using CMAT, XAT, CAT, ATMA, GMAT or MAT scores. To apply or for more information about the PGDM programs, click here.



The strengths of the PGDM program at MET Mumbai, such as the updated and comprehensive curriculum, strong industry connections, diverse specializations, and experienced faculty, make it an esteemed institution for management education. Prospective students with MAH-CET scorecards are encouraged to consider MET Mumbai as their preferred choice due to its well-rounded approach to management education, industry connections, and career support initiatives. Studying at MET Mumbai provides students a unique and comprehensive learning experience that prepares them to become successful managers in today’s dynamic business environment.

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