Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad Scholarships

  Ahmedabad   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1961
  Ahmedabad   UGC, Public (Autonomous)   ESTD 1961


IIM Ahmedabad Scholarships:

The Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad strives to provide equal educational opportunity to all deserving candidates irrespective of their social background.

In order to fulfil this, they have joined forces with multiple banks to provide the students with the required financial aid. IIM-A also has scholarship programmes in place designed to reward meritorious candidates.

Financial Aid

IIM Ahmedabad has partnered with the Central Bank, Axis Bank and State Bank of India to arrange for subsidised interest rates on education loans availed by IIM-A students. The interest waiver can slash off 50% to 100% of the interest charges incurred.

Scholarship Programmes

IIM-A has 14 scholarship programmes currently active. These programmes aim to reward meritorious students by offering them prize money and research grants.

Scholarship Chart

Scholarship Name Scholarship Details
IIMA Special Need-Based Scholarships All the students admitted to the post-graduate programmes whose gross annual family income is less than INR 15,00,000 during the last financial year are eligible to apply for this scholarship. This is subject to proof of family income, the amount of educational loan taken by the student, and candidate’s past earnings.
SC/ST Scholarships All SC/ST students are awarded a stipend of INR 150 per month for a period of ten months.
IIMA Exit Scholarships Entrepreneur Scholarship: The institute provides a stipend of INR 30,000 per month for three years to 2 students who have taken up entrepreneurship, per batch.


NPO Scholarship: The students joining an NGO after graduation are given INR 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs over a period of three years.


Doctoral Studies Assistance: IIM-A encourages its students to take up research work after graduating by offering them INR 3 lakhs to 4 lakhs over a period of three years.

Central Sector Scheme for Top Class Education (SC,ST) This scholarship is awarded to those meritorious SC/ST students, whose family income is less than INR 4,50,000 per annum.
Minority Welfare Scholarship The Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India.awards this scholarship to students from the minority communities on the condition that their family income does not exceed Rs.2.50 lakhs per annum.
Central Sector Scheme for Top Class Education (PwD) This scholarship is awarded to those meritorious DA/PwD students, whose family income is less than INR 6,00,000 per annum.
PGP Alumni Endowment Funds This scholarship is extended to nine PGP and PGFABM students who are from economically and socially challenged background, based on their economic stature, every year.
Shri GC Mital Entrepreneurship Aid An amount of  INR 2,00,000 is awarded every year to one graduating student of the PGP and the PGFABM batches. This awardee has to intend to start their own venture, thereby, opting out of the IIM-A placement process
Smt. J Nagamma Memorial Award This is awarded to one PGP first-year student at the end of the first year as a merit scholarship based on the candidate’s academic performance. The scholarship amount is INR 15,000.
Peri Viswanath Scholarship This scholarship aims to extend financial aid to one student from either the PGP or the PGFABM batch.  The awarded amount is INR 200,000 per year and the scholar will be receiving INR 400,000 over 2 years.
Aditya Birla Group Scholarships It is given out to three meritorious PGP I and PGP II students. The selection is made by the Aditya Birla Group and the amount awarded is INR 175,000 per student per year.
Dunia Scholarships for scholastic excellence This scholarship is awarded to two students from PGP first and second years. The amount awarded is INR 150,000 per student, per year.
OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship This is a merit-based scholarship given to PGP student of the second year. The top ten students of the 2nd year based on the academic performance in the 1st year are eligible to apply. An online test will be conducted by the OP Jindal Group and based on their performance, one student of each academic year will be awarded INR 1.50 lakh.
T. Thomas Scholarship This scholarship is awarded to one second-year student based on a merit-cum-means criterion. The amount proffered is Rs.100,000 per year