This pandemic has dealt a big blow for us and our planet has already become a place full of “unnerving” and “unexpected” surprises. These vagaries will continue to be faced by every professional from the corporate world and they are expected to handle and ride through the chaos in the most creative and matured manner.  Aren’t business schools, therefore “supposed” to groom students who can deal with these uncertainties and carry on?

Our experience in offering one hundred placement opportunities for our students for two decades and over, tell us that organizations have become very smart and demanding. They now look for “Smart Thinking” students for their early assignments. In order to develop students with “Analytical Mindset and Thinking Abilities”, business schools are required to challenge the old paradigm of teaching pedagogy and help students break out of the box for breakthrough thinking.  These experiences must be felt, learned, and tried inside and outside classrooms. 

SIES School of Business Studies (SIESSBS), in its 25 years of existence attracts students who value our analytical bias and focus on critical thinking. At SIESSBS every faculty moves beyond the usual management education pedagogy and uses the power of innovative thinking to hone smart decisions making abilities. With the support, personalized attention of faculty as Mentors, we provide skills that are needed to solve complex business issues. Our placement record and rankings on diverse platforms as a “Top Business School” establishes our credentials to be reckoned with. Further, as global competitiveness has become crucial for success, the route taken by us includes optional foreign visits by students. 

At SIESSBS, we make learning transformational and our 6000+ alumni go hand in hand with support in learning and placement. Besides a world-class application-driven curriculum that makes liberal use of simulations and cases, the two-year AICTE approved PGDM, PGDM-Pharma & PGDM-Biotechnology programs at SIESSBS are s full of continuous live projects and internships with leading corporate. Our Skill-Linked Immersion Project (SLIP) and IDEATHON are well received by stakeholders and considered to be a major differentiator for us. The international accreditation of our flagship PGDM program by ACBSP, USA has put SIESCOMS on a different pedestal where only a few top Indian business schools exist.

One of our key competencies of SIESSBS is the rural immersion program as an integral part of institutional social responsibility. Through this program, every student reaches out to underprivileged communities and helps them through several health, wellness, awareness, donation campaigns.  This initiative of ours has been a wonderful success and many NGOs have joined hands with us to engage our students for holistic development.

One needs to develop skills for innovative thinking and not just hold a Management Degree to be successful. At SIESSBS we make all possible efforts to ensure that our students develop required managerial skills and create a bright future here on the campus itself before walking out with head high on completion of the program.

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