What to Know About Converting Your CMAT Score into Percentile Score?


There are numerous ways that the CMAT score can be calculated and you need to know about this. This exam is what everyone needs to take to get into the MBA colleges all over India and for the 2020-21 academic year the exam is going to be held on January 28th 2020.

This is often planned for in advance and registration is done a few months beforehand, but you should concentrate on studying and knowing how the scores are going to be calculated.

CMAT Score Process for Calculation

The NTA or National Testing Agency devised the method for scoring the results of this exam in order to get the percentage score along with a raw score.

For example if you have scored 170 on the exam, then you are given 50 percentile while if you score anywhere from 250 up to 300, then your percentile is going to be from 85 to 98.

There are various stages in the calculation process that you won’t see, but there a few steps to know, such as:

  • Getting your raw overall and sectional scores you earned for the exam
  • CMAT score would be normalized and equated for both the shifts and difficulty level of the examination
  • Scaled score will be converted from using the raw score
  • Scaled CMAT result is used to convert the final score into the percentile

There are many things that would affect the final score that you get and you should know what they are. Some of the factors include:

  • Difficulty level of the slot 1 and 2 question papers
  • Number of fellow candidates who registered for and took the examination

Once these are taken into consideration, then the scores would be normalized and the final percentile scores are calculated.

2020 Scoring Pattern

You also want to know the scoring pattern that would be used for the 2020 CMAT exam and this includes:

  • Total points available 400
  • 100 total number of questions on examination
  • 4 points are given for every correct answer
  • 1 point is taken away for every answer that is wrong

These are important and they can help you to attempt to calculate your own score if you know the questions that you got right. However, the percentile is going to change based on various factors and you won’t know what yours will be until after everything has been regularized and normalized.

It is very important that you consider all of this when you are starting to prepare for the test. Knowing how the calculations are going to be made and what is taken into consideration can help you to understand the scoring.

You also need to be aware of the total number of marks that are available on the test and the number of marks given for a right answer and those deducted for a wrong answer.

Make sure that you are applying for your examination if you are going to apply for an MBA program and if you want to get a top score.