In the words of Marcel Proust, “your objective should no longer be a location, but rather a way of seeing,” people in the modern-day are looking for skill maximization rather than settling for a dull routine. The fast-changing era has produced many unique innovations, and experts are attempting to stay up with these advances via skill growth. Pursuing an MBA degree is critical in this aspect. It broadens one’s topic knowledge and offers up a plethora of options for aspiring professionals. Statistically, someone with an MBA degree has a significantly better probability of surviving in the business than someone with a conventional bachelor’s degree. An MBA is unquestionably a reliable strategy to acquire the best jobs & career growth in the corporate world. Other advantages of earning an MBA in the modern era include:

  • Develop Industry Specific Skills

An MBA degree helps one hone skills suited to thrive in the industry. It makes one privy to the present state of the industry and the further developments that might happen in the future, and thereby adapt themselves accordingly. From soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and communication, to technical skills like marketing, analytics, sales, one can learn these and many more skills from a specialized MBA program.

  • Option to specialize in contemporary domains 

An MBA gives one an option to go for either a single or dual specialization in the subject of their choice. These specializations revolve around the domains with a high demand for adept professionals. Some of these domains are Finance, Marketing, Business Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Data Science, Consulting, International Business, among many others.

  • Opportunity to establish a healthy network in business 

A B-School provides one with multiple opportunities to establish a healthy network. This network with professionals from across different sectors would help one gain knowledge and open opportunities for future collaborations. Through this, one can always be in the loop of changing dynamics of the industry.

  • A well-defined career path 

Pursuing MBA would help one to embark upon a well-defined career path. One would land up offers with whooping packages and have the autonomy to establish their entrepreneurial venture. Pursuing MBA also makes it easier for professionals to switch their fields even later in their career trajectories.

  • International Recognition 

An MBA degree is internationally recognized; hence, if you aim to work abroad, this degree would be held equally valid. One can open up gates for their overseas journey through the MBA degree.

Considering these advantages of pursuing an MBA, the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, offers the best MBA module. Here are some benefits of pursuing your MBA from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut: 

  1. NIT Calicut has been ranked 23 in the NIRF rankings. It is also a centrally funded National Institute of Importance. 
  2. A picturesque campus set in the foothills of Western Ghats, in the proximity of the upcoming city, Calicut, Kerala.
  3. NIT Calicut has an incubation centre providing a thriving entrepreneurial and business innovation ecosystem.
  4. The MBA students at NIT Calicut have achieved the landmark feat by beating the placement records every consecutive season. There is a record of 100% of placement inclusive both on-campus and off-campus recruitments.
  5. The average salary package in 2021-2022 is Rs. 8.5 LPA, with a maximum CTC of Rs. 15 LPA. 
  6. Class apart infrastructure facilities, with a well-equipped library, computer centre, seminar halls, designated lecture halls.
  7. A variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities provide students with the opportunity to be a part of a flourishing campus community.
  8. The affordable fee provides one of the best roles for an MBA graduate and is not too hefty in the pocket.
  9. Besides the integrative learning model, dual specialization, research projects, summer internships are unique features of the MBA at NIT Calicut.
  10. NIT Calicut offers an immersive learning experience through comprehensive pedagogy. Some pedagogical approaches include case-based teaching and simulatory expertise, which provide a unique experience.

Alumni Speak:

Dr. Binesh Jose MBA Class of 2012 & Ph.D Class of 2020 (Director Technology Apps & Architecture Nielson IQ)

I am a part of one of the largest measurement and data analytics companies and serve as Director of Technology and assist them in strategically managing the resources for business success. The PG (MBA) degree and a doctoral degree from SOMS helped me develop the critical thinking skills that I use each day when making decisions on advanced technology choices. Not only did the challenging curriculum prepare me for a demanding career, but the NITC brand name and network introduced me to many opportunities both in my professional and personal life. I owe SOMS so much, and I am confident that those students who take their courses seriously will be rewarded the rest of their lives.


Mr. Christopher Basumatry – Class of 2022 Placed with Tyger Analytics 

SOMS has given a perfect take-off to my career. Supportive teachers and passionate peers provide a healthy, competitive and diverse environment. The institute is equipped with every tool required to transform students to meet the industrial requirements; it gave me a sense of ownership when the placement cell walked the extra mile and helped with a training programme to brush up on our Aptitude and Interview skills. These efforts make the MBA at SOMS-NITC extra-ordinary. Today, I am happily placed and proud of my successful start-up. All thanks to SOMS – NITC for this two-year life transformation program.


All these stellar points help one get a nuanced hold on their career trajectory. From a well-defined and coming-of-age curriculum, a wide alumni base, and an expert set of faculty, every feature of NIT Calicut speaks about its commitment to honing adept professionals. Thus, NIT Calicut offers one opportunity to maximize their career goals and embark on a successful corporate journey.

Admissions are open for the upcoming batch 2022-24 at NIT Calicut – APPLY NOW.

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