The moment we step into the corporate world, we walk with the hope to climb up the ladder and curate a refined version of ourselves. We try to make the most out of every opportunity and try to find new ways to upgrade every skill-set that we are endowed with. Master’s in Business Administration or MBA acts as a tunnel to our ever-evolving goal of establishing ourselves as a pioneer in the professional world. MBA is an essential step to accelerate career and achieve a higher level of financial stability. But, MBA is not only limited to fiscal benefits or career-related advantages. Doing an MBA ensures that every student develops managerial skills that will enable them to adjust to the shifts of the industry. As MBA is directed to make the students ready for the professional world, thus, it enables them to connect and network with a diverse group of professionals that would help them in their future endeavours. MBA is a professional degree with great scope of development, the students should keep a few points in mind before taking admission.



One of the most important parts of selecting the MBA college is the place of the institution. The location streamlines the opportunities that the students are unveiled to. If the place has technological or business potential, it will allow the students to make use of the facilities. This is the reason Mumbai turns out to be one of the most optimum places to do an MBA. Mumbai is the economic hub and financial powerhouse of the country. It is the place where eminent industrialists and business tycoons have established their companies, making it a place of endless business possibilities.

Overall Development 

Another essential element that every MBA college should have is the focus on all-round development for the students. MET Mumbai is one of the premier institutes of the country that provides such a holistic education to all students. MET is one of the B schools which provides application-based education with a mix of novel technologies and a digitalized approach. The B-school focuses on equipping students with updated knowledge from all across the world resulting in giving the students a global perspective. MET is amongst the top ten B schools in India and has been ranked 4th by the Times B School Survey 2021. MET’s ranks are a result of its excellent faculty and also because of its emphasis on innovation. MET is the home of the innovation council where faculty, experts and students gather together to discuss ideas, develop strategies and innovate. It also encompasses the entrepreneurship cell and the alumni relations cell both of which are crucial for MBA students. With this kind of integrated methodology, MET stands as the epitome of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. 


Having an optimal infrastructure helps the students to focus on their academics to the maximum extent. MET believes in the state-of-art infrastructure with AC classrooms and E-enabled libraries. The institution has over 64000 books and 30000 international online journals to provide the students with maximum resources. MET has created and designed its infrastructure in a student-centric manner. The institution also has an online access to multitude of international journals, case studies, business magazines. The availability of resources is aimed at pushing the students to achieve their goals and produce excellent results. MET has also designed the campus with a corporate outlook making the ambience fit in with the course. As the college fosters several distinguished seminars all over the year, it has constructed conference areas and convention centres. The entire campus has access to Wi-Fi and is packed with amenities such as computer labs, a recreational centre, and libraries

Course Structure

The course structure is another pivotal aspect of deciding the excellence of a university. Usually, courses that allow the students to experiment and give them a choice to select their interests are the ones that stand out. This is the reason that MET’s MBA is ranked as prestigious B-schools programs. MET gives the students four options to choose from.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Management PGDM (e-Business)- PGDM at MET is a Professional Management Education Program which offers specialisation in all five fields. It concentrates on Design Thinking, Strategic Management, Business Analytics, Digital Business and Marketing, Event Management and Real Estate.
  • E-Empowered Management and Business Administration (e-MBA) This course is intensive yet flexible with a focus on marketing, human resource, and finance. What differentiates this course from others is its global approach. This course explores the challenges faced by businesses from all across the world and also gives adequate emphasis on entrepreneurship.
  • Masters of Management Studies (MMS) This is a rigorous and comprehensive course which gives focuses on creating a strong foundation. It also gives the opportunity to specialise in one of the traditional aspects of management from marketing to human resource.
  • PGP in Strategic Business Analytics (e-MBA)– The most important benefit of this course is that it focuses on data-driven business management. It conjoins technology, with data configuration and management, making it one of the most desired management courses.

Student life

The campus should respect that every student deserves time for recreational activities to increase their productivity. MET has abundant places for students to relax and recreate such as the Recreational Centre, but it also has activities to enrich the students’ living experience. MET hosts the MET Utsav which is the annual cultural and sports fest. Apart from this spectacular fest which has a jolly crowd, MET also gives special emphasis on music. In its World Of Music, the students have access of all the possible genres of music or they can set up their own band with free access to a range of Indian and western musical instruments. Finally, MET gives the students the intellectual freedom to work in the dynamic environment that has been augmented with MET Centre of Education and Technology, promoting research and creativity. 

MET is therefore a one of the top B-schools that fosters growth and kindles the development of the students. It ensures that the students get the best experience out of these two years and are ready to enter the corporate world as competent managers.

Admissions are closing soon for PGDM (e-Business), eMBA, MMS and PGP in Strategic Business Analytics for the year 2021. To know more about MET and their programmes, click here.

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