The Final Question – By Dr Poornima Gupta, Associate Professor, OB & HRM, Great Lakes

A panel interview is also an opportunity to get to know more about the programme, and show that you’ve done your homework

Many candidates prepare for questions commonly asked by panels during admission interviews. There are a plethora of websites offering insights into the kind of questions asked and their probable answers. Usually, there is one question asked at the end of the interview, and that is, “Any questions?” We never prepare for this. After all, we are not interviewing the panellists, are we?

We ask questions like “How did I do?” or “When will I get to know the results?” which are really of no consequence. The interviewer is not going to tell you about your performance and the question about results can be answered by the support staff.

The Right Questions

So, what questions could you ask which would make an impact on the panelists’ decision?

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