TAPMI Bloomberg Champions Win Bloomberg Olympiad

Bloomberg Olympiad is an experience like no other; this flagship event of TAPMI, Finomenal puts Bloomberg Champions of the top B-schools across the nation in a competition to decide which school’s Champions are the most proficient and technically-savvy in using the Bloomberg Terminals and puts their wits to test.

The Bloomberg Championship program is an off-site internship program provided by Bloomberg to three students each of top B- schools in the country. The responsibilities of the champions include integrating the finance curriculum with Bloomberg and assisting various research activities carried out by faculty and research scholars of the institute. The program involves conducting training sessions for over 900 students of TAPMI. This empowers students to gauge the capital markets and analyse the recent developments in finance industry using real-time data. Bloomberg trainings put students on a higher pedestal through rigorous experiential learning and acts as a key differentiating factor.

TAPMI students shined at the Olympiad and shared their thoughts on how the championship program helped them understand and master the Bloomberg Terminal

“Bloomberg Championship Program has helped me better understand the financial markets and their drivers. The accumulation of crucial information and intelligent insights provided by Bloomberg from around the globe helps me get the pulse of global markets, enabling me to make decisions which truly pay off.”

– Bhargavi | PGDM  – 2018

“Information is the most vital component required for trading, investing and analysis. Bloomberg provides information at a breakneck pace and helps one to understand the minutest of changes in policies which can move the markets. With rigorous trainings conducted by Bloomberg, I feel truly enriched both in terms of knowledge and experience.”

– Kartikeya Srivastava | BKFS – 2018

“The Championship program, through its rigorous training and related activities has enabled me to widen my knowledge base on capital markets and the economy as a whole. The demands of the program have encouraged me to look beyond the course structure and explore various nuances of the finance world using real-time data.”

– Archana Kulkarni | PGDM – 2018

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