About MAH CET 2020

Maharashtra Common Entrance Test or MAH CET is a state-level examination for eminent MBA aspirants. Officially known as MAH MBA/MMS – CET the entrance test is conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Maharashtra, India.

The Eligibility criteria of MAHCET MBA 2020 Entrance Test is unique from that of other popular MBA entrance examinations conducted across the country.

Over 200 colleges and universities including JBIMS, SIMSREE, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research, Prin. LN Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research, Mumbai and PUMBA accept MAH CET score for admission. 

MAHCET MBA 2020 has a domicile and other specific eligibility criteria for the aspirants of Maharashtra state and different all – India competitors. There are two phases of MAHCET MBA 2020 admission.

In the primary phase, the aspirants who fulfil the academic qualification criteria appear for the entrance test.

In the second phase, the aspirants who cleared the selection test have to participate in the counselling procedure, commonly known as the Centralised Admission Process (CAP). Explore all the insights concerning the MAHCET MBA 2020 eligibility criteria in this article.

The Eligibility criteria for MAHCET 2020 is significant for the MBA aspirants, who are willing to take up the state-level MBA selection test to seek admission IN over 400+ MBA schools in Maharashtra State.

Being a state-level examination, the eligibility criteria for MAHCET MBA 2020 is somewhat different from that of national-level tests such as CAT, XAT and many more exams conducted across the country.

There are certain domicile and other specific conditions for Maharashtra state aspirants which should be satisfied to seek admission in MBA schools across Maharashtra.

Underneath, we shall take a look at the eligibility criteria and domicile specific

qualification conditions required before filling MAHCET MBA 2020 Examination. Aspirants are encouraged to peruse and understand these eligibility conditions to avoid the disqualification of their application at a later stage.

Eligibility Criteria of MAHCET MBA2020

DTE Maharashtra (MAHCET MBA 2020) has declared detailed eligibility criteria for the aspirants seeking admission in MBA schools across Maharashtra State through MAHCET MBA 2020 entrance test. The key points regarding the MAH MBA / MMS CET 2020 examination are listed below.

1) Citizenship: – The candidate seeking admission in the MBA schools through MAHCET MBA 2020 Entrance Test must be a resident of India.

2) Academic Qualification: – Candidate must be an alumni/graduate in any discipline. 

3) Candidates who are in their final year of graduation can likewise apply for the MAHCET 2020 Entrance Test.

Important Aspects of MAHCET MBA 2020 Eligibility Criteria: –

Apart from the basic eligibility criteria of MAHCET MBA 2020 entrance test, the MAHCET MBA likewise has a certain domicile specific conditions which an aspirant has to qualify to get admission in MBA schools.

As a state-level MBA entrance test, MAHCET MBA entrance test has a few seats reserved for the aspirants with Maharashtra domicile.

Along with these, applicants wishing to apply at top MBA universities in Maharashtra State under the domicile quota can avail the benefits as a Maharashtra state candidate. To get benefits, candidates need to qualify any of the following conditions mentioned below.

  • Maharashtra state aspirant with domicile in Maharashtra: –

Aspirants seeking admission in MBA Colleges through MAHCET MBA Entrance Test must be born in the province of Maharashtra. The candidates will likewise be considered under this class for admission.

In addition to this, any aspirant who has completed his/her HSC from Maharashtra State will be considered as a Maharashtra domicile. Also, if the aspirant has completed his/her diploma in the field of Engineering / Technology / Pharmacy or any other passing qualifying assessment from Maharashtra state will be viewed as a State domicile.

  • Maharashtra state aspirant with parental domicile Maharashtra: –

Aspirants, who have not completed his/her studies in Maharashtra state yet whose guardians are domiciled in the state of Maharashtra will be treated as the Maharashtra state aspirants and are eligible for MAH-CET 2020 admission purposes.

  • Maharashtra state candidate with guardians working for the government of India or Govt. undertaking with posting in the state of Maharashtra: –

Aspirants seeking admission in the MBA colleges of Maharashtra can also take the benefits of Maharashtra state candidature if both or either of the parents of the is working for the administration of India and are posted to Maharashtra during the MAHCET MBA 2020 test period.

Similarly, if your guardian has received the exchange requests to Maharashtra during the MAH-CET test time frame but not shifted to the state, aspirant at the present situation can still claim the advantages as the Maharashtra state candidate. If the situation arises, aspirant needs to submit the relevant proof regarding this.

  • Maharashtra state aspirant with parents working for the Government of Maharashtra: –

If the parents of the aspirants are working in the Government of Maharashtra and posted outside the state of Maharashtra on legitimate duty, an aspirant can still claim the benefits of being a Maharashtra state candidate. Likewise, the aspirants of the retired employees working in the Maharashtra state government can also look for this advantage.

  • Maharashtra state aspirants residing in disputed Maharashtra Karnataka outskirt: –

Aspirants, who are living in the contested border region on Maharashtra and Karnataka fringe can avail this benefit in MAHCET MBA entrance test. The aspirants, whose primary language is Marathi, can also claim the advantages as the Maharashtra State Candidate.

  • All India level aspirant (MAHCET MBA 2020): –

All India competitors other than the aspirants of Maharashtra seeking admission in the MBA colleges in the state of Maharashtra through MAHCET MBA 2020 have around 15% to 35% of the seats saved for them in the various B-schools who acknowledge MAHCET MBA 2020 score.

These all India competitors can apply for admission to MBA schools in the state of Maharashtra based on All India MAHCET MBA 2020 entrance tests, i.e. CAT 2019 and CMAT 2020.

The above-mentioned eligibility criteria are necessary to know before applying for the final test. Moreover, the candidates are advised to keep a tab on the official website to know more about the latest updates on the test and further admission procedure.

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