As a result of the ambiguity and intricacy of the environment, it is extremely desired that institutions involved in management education implement transformative and disruptive process innovations to support a systematic approach to boosting quality education. Institutions are expected to integrate learning content in novel ways.

We must recognise that there are three vital missions. The initial goal is to integrate management education and generate new knowledge, which will lead to research. The second goal is to disseminate knowledge, which leads to skill development in pupils, and the third goal is to acquire and share knowledge through innovation. Furthermore, the current environment has enabled institutions to implement digitisation; it is critical to rethink the systems and procedures within the institutes continuously. We believe that digitalisation must be used as an enabler and facilitator of value generation and education distribution.

Higher education is developing, and many institutions are undergoing considerable transformations. IMS Ghaziabad focuses on assisting students in exploring the gaps in their personalities and using the Institute’s growth prospects. The organisation’s purpose precisely specifies its goal within the higher education framework and describes who the institution represents and what it seeks to achieve.

The institution’s declared aims and priorities, congruent with higher education hopes and expectations, clearly indicate how it can accomplish its purpose.

These have improved harmonisation and mobility at the international level to protect and improve standards, quality, develop adaptability, employability, and strengthen student compatibilities.

The digitalisation of education deemphasises the top-down delivery of standardised knowledge. As an educator, you go from verbally imparting knowledge through in-class lectures to presenting it online in various formats such as written text, videos, quizzes, and so on. Oral talks are planned. Having such knowledge available online frees up class time for additional discussion.

We regard the more significant opportunity for interactive learning and conversation as one of the critical benefits of digitalisation because it is the most exciting part of learning for us. IMS Ghaziabad aims to develop socially responsible business leaders by promoting a growth mindset, a global perspective, modern business knowledge, skills, and attitude to assure a progressive view and a focus on sustainable business models.

IMS Ghaziabad adheres to a three-pronged philosophy: Academic Excellence, Global Collaboration, and Corporate Readiness & Employability Skills. The decisions are concentrated on four critical areas that have become the campus’s competitive edge. Keeping these as our focal points, we have recently launched Value-Added Certification Courses in partnership with MSME. We have PPPC, competency mapping, and mentoring initiatives to help students develop overall.

Digital and social media marketing, Google analytics, a yellow belt in Six Sigma, financial markets and products, sales and negotiating abilities, and other courses are available for certification. Aside from them, Microsoft certification in Advanced MS Office is included in the course curriculum. Short-term training programmes for SPSS, CMIE’s Prowess, Aptitude Training, Placement Readiness Enhancement Program and English Training are also included in the overall course curriculum. These programmes improve PGDM students’ knowledge and employability, enhancing the highly competitive and corporate-relevant curriculum to equip students better to meet industry demands and develop their interests and aptitudes.

The PPSP Module (Personal & Professional Skill Programme) is an essential component of holistic development that focuses on students’ personality traits and supports them in developing as capable corporate citizens. The programmes are matched with academic and co-curricular activities such as self-awareness and industry interface, from the Summer Internship Programme to the Pre-Placement Offer, goal setting and employability skills, and so on.

The Institute has consistently placed future managers in top organisations such as Deloitte Consulting India, Berger Paints, ITC Ltd, Dabur, EY, S&P Global, DTDC, Square Yards, Prism Johnson Ltd., Uniqlo India, Reliance Digital, Aditya Birla Group, Wipro, Mahindra Logistics, Godrej and Boyce, XL Dynamics, WNS, Zomato, Reliance Jio, Uflex Ltd, DHL Supply Chain India.

The Institute has consistently provided 100 per cent Summer Internship Projects (SIPs) with stipends in top organisations such as Curate Data Analytics, WhiteHat Jr, Praedico Global Research, Tata AIG, The Capital Box, Insplore Consultants, Career Domain, Sharekhan, 10times, FinSkool, Fooracles, Jaquar, Pathkind Labs, Times of India, Chaayos, and Sodexo. IMS Ghaziabad is pleased to be connected with a 6000+ Alumni base that is well established in prestigious positions in Industry.

Dr. Urvashi Makkar, Ph.D., EPHRM-IIM Calcutta, MBA, PGDCA, B.Sc. (Physics), is the current Director of the Institute of Management Studies in Ghaziabad.

Having 23 years of experience in the management education sector and delivering mission-critical results as Head of Management Institutions, he has received numerous prestigious awards, including the CMI level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership for participation in the UK India Educational Research Initiative (UKIERITechnical ) ‘s Leadership Program in collaboration with AICTE. Certification Course in “Higher Education Leadership Program” from Harvard School of Education, Harvard University, Boston, USA). Member of the governing bodies of Shivaji College (University of Delhi) and BhaginiNivedita College (University of Delhi). Head of India Operations for a New York-based startup. She has twelve books published by prestigious publishing houses, like TATA McGraw Hill, and over 76 publications to her credit. Over 50 EDPs/MDPs and workshops were held, associated with several prestigious professional bodies on a national and international scale.

In 2017, she was granted the coveted CMI Level 5 “Certificate in Management and Leadership” for her participation in the UK-India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI “Technical ) ‘s Leadership Program,” in partnership with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). In addition, in October of 2016, she finished a Certification Course on “Higher Education Leadership Program” from Harvard School of Education, Harvard University, Boston, USA. She has twelve books published by prominent publishing houses, including TATA McGraw Hill, and more than 76 publications with paper presentations at national and international conferences and seminars to her credit. She has chaired technical sessions at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA, Universities Malaysia Sarawak in Malaysia, IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIT-Kanpur, and IIM-Kozhikode, among other prestigious institutes. She has held distinguished positions in the global platform as the Founder Chief Editor of International Journal of Customer Relations, the Chair of Sr. Associate Editor in Editorial Board of IARS, International Research Journal, Malaysia, and Member, Board of Editors, International Journal, Environmental and Social Psychology, USA. She has conducted more than 50 EDPs/MDPs and Workshops as a ‘Trainer Associate & Local Coordinator’ for UGC sponsored workshops on Capacity Building for Women Managers in Higher Education. At the 18th National Management Summit, she received the Excellence Award for Academic Leadership from Fore-Top Rankers. She received the ‘Women Leadership Award for Promotion of Responsible Management Education’ from Canara Bank School of Management Studies (CBSMS), Bangalore University, the National Women Excellence Award in November, 2017 at India International Center, New Delhi, and the “Leading Women in Education Award” at the 7th Annual Women Leaders in India & Awards in February 2017. She was named a “Eminent Director of Leading Institutes of India” by Competition Success Review for seven years in a row, from 2013 to 2019. In 2014, she was awarded the coveted “Rashtriya Shiksha Gaurav Puraskar” by the Center for Education Growth and Research (CEGR). She also got the “Confederation of Education Excellence Teachers’ Award 2014” in the Higher Education Category.

Dr. Makkar’s prestigious academic background, vast topic knowledge, consistently imaginative and creative working style, and strong social network make her a great orator and insightful leader. She has made significant contributions to the development of entrepreneurial culture and global interaction in India.

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