Student Testimonials 2020 – PaGaLGuY

Since its inception, PaGaLGuY has been at the forefront of online learning. Being India’s largest education network and the pioneers of creating online education communities especially in the MBA-verse, we have had the chance to leave an indelible mark on our users and also have had the opportunity to learn a lot from our beloved Puys. The bustling ecosystem that we have, consisting of aspirants, students, alumni and numerous colleges has been the fruit of the dedicated and enthusiastic PG team along with the invaluable users of this platform. In the 18 years since PaGaLGuY has gone live, it has undergone multiple changes to better serve the needs and requirements of the young minds who always provide us with that extra push to come up with radical solutions for the ever evolving education realm. The following are some of the Puys sharing their PaGaLGuY experience-


I joined PaGaLGuY sometime in 2018, during my second season of preparing for the CAT. I was preparing by myself while working and it was a tough task to judge the competition or even to feel the availability of a peer group. All that changed when I started taking mocks and visiting the score threads for various mock tests. At the time I was not very active because my scores were nowhere near those of many in those threads. I would sometimes ask for advice and sometimes offer a little but for the most part, I was silent. The disappointments of that season were washed away fairly quickly in the next one when I became much more active. In the season of prep for the 2019 CAT, I used PaGaLGuY almost as my main social network. I made friends from it, I compared strategies with the best of the best from it and of course I was a part of the PaGaLGuY Dream Team, which was now made by aspirants themselves. This particular group of people alone has over 15 admits to IIM A/B/C, so you can understand the calibre of people on this platform. I myself have converted IIM C, XLRI BM and MDI and will be going home to Calcutta soon after a significant time outside.

Along with these people, I was reaching out to try and get even more advice from my peers on the platform. It also gave me the opportunity to help out, especially with VARC and motivation, the two banes of most CAT aspirants. PaGaLGuY peeps predicted my 100%ile in VARC even before I gave the CAT and that came true! I hit a 99.98. Finally, at the end of the season, I had one of the best moments of my life when on the day IIM C released results I saw my peers on PaGaLGuY celebrating my convert as their own. It was a moment that I will never forget in my entire life and PG gave it to me. For the journey CAT preparation, I think PG made a huge difference and it was free!

Sohum Sen,



I vividly remember that feeling of anxiety and eagerness after appearing for CAP 2019 and other B-school interviews.  It’s that point of time in every aspirant’s life when a thousand thoughts cross  our mind, if we will make it to one of the premier institutes or not, which institutes to prefer over which ones, etc. I came to know about PaGaLGuY from one of the fellow aspirants at my coaching institute. I was advised to join the same for communicating with colleges to get all my queries & doubts answered. When I had created my account on PaGaLGuY, I was surprised to see that a lot of MBA aspirants were already using this platform for preparation purposes. And, almost all the premier MBA institutes had an official handle on this platform for addressing aspirants’ queries. Undoubtedly, a platform like PaGaLGuY was the need of the hour. I had joined the discussion threads for the colleges I had applied for, to stay updated with their admission process and results.

PaGaLGuY provided me with a platform where I  was able to interact with colleges and other aspirants (some of them are my batchmates currently), post queries, create polls, etc to make a calculated decision. It helped me a lot in finalizing my MBA college out of the available options and building a strong network of peers. And what makes it unique is that it caters to the needs of all aspirants who are looking for any help regarding preparation, information about MBA colleges and their admission process. As a member of PR & Media Committee of IIM Sambalpur, I am still an active member on PaGaLGuY and thankful to this initiative which has helped everyone tremendously by making it possible to bring all MBA colleges and aspirants on an interactive platform.

Sumit Suman,
IIM Sambalpur,



It was about that time when top b-schools had started releasing their interview shortlists. Whenever I googled, when a particular college is going to release its list, the top search results showed answers from PaGaLGuY admission groups. I joined all those college groups from which I had got an interview call and that is how my journey with this amazing platform started. It had answers to all my selection process-related questions. From which documents to carry for the interview to what clothes to wear, it answered all the questions. The best part came when the B-Schools started releasing their final selection lists. Being a fresher and a young student, I was unaware of which factors to judge an institute on. By conducting polls on PaGaLGuY and looking at other aspirants’ point of view, I could develop my criteria of deciding which institute to join. It provided me an opportunity to start networking with peers as well as seniors, well before joining the college. For all such help during that crucial time, I will always be thankful to PaGaLGuY.

Samruddhi Kangude,
IIM Sambalpur,



It was the month of Jan 2019, the CAT results were just announced, I was very confused and worried about which colleges to apply for MBA. I came to know about PaGaLGuY from one of my graduation friends who took admission a year back in Goa Institute of Management. Then through PaGaLGuY, I learnt about different colleges, their placement, admission cut off and other activities. I was very surprised and pleased that pass out students were interacting with aspirants about their experience and our expectations from the said colleges. One can simply type the question and add keyword PaGaLGuY in the search engine and be assured of getting their queries cleared. Most of my questions were already featured on PG and I was regularly using this till my final admission to interact with different people.

It’s very important to know about the colleges from its most important stakeholders i.e: students and PaGaLGuY provided me just that on their platform. It is a good network system among students to pass information to each other and to get updated about new things. I would say one should definitely check out PaGaLGuY, especially if they are an MBA aspirant. I did and it helped me a lot. 

Abhijit Kumar Mandal,
DoMS, IIT Roorkee,

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