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“Part of the journey is the end.”
This group is for stories of all those people who got into their dream B schools after years of perseverance and determination. It is about their journey, their efforts, their highs and lows. Read on, may you find your inspiration here!

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Hi! Does anyone have Takzshila Shikshak videos download? As most of the videos have been made private. It will be a great help. Please!

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i scored 90% 10th, 58% 12th , 59% in Grad, Completed Financial modeling, doing CFA 1, have 1 year work exp, CAT 90% in 1st attempt, going to attempt again,which college should i focus ,

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Not the right group to ask bro...please ask your query in other threads

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Agar lgta hai ki 2 saal baad 10 lakh tak kama skte ho toh rhne de wrna cat dedo

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any one wants to share aimcats? ping me up

Life is beautiful!
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This is my CAT Journey . It is not an extraordinary one but it is my biggest achievement yet. I would like to share with you this roller coaster ride of mine.

It is a bit lengthy but I think some of you may relate to it.

CAT19 : 99.01 , XAT20: 98.616 , CAT20 : ??
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Congrats buddy, go tell your parents everything now.

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@akshatjain93 Thanks bhai. Waiting for the right moment

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Take your first step to a Global Career

Post 80905464882121
 To avoid confusing SPJIMR with any other institution, look for the five strokes logo and the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan association. 
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@gmp.program Not the right group to post this.

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Fuck off from this group don't spam this group

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Go for gold. Go for glory.

Until my third year of engineering, I had no clue what CAT stood for or what purpose it served. At that time, I was deeply dissatisfied with what I was studying in engineering and did not like my course at all. The only reason why I survived engineering was because of my friend circle. I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to work in a core mechanical firm right after college. I chose to go for CAT as I thought it would provide me with an option to build a career in something that was totally different from what I studied and experienced in my undergrad. This was a totally clueless move and at that point in time, I hadn’t even thought of what I would do once the exam was finished.

CAT 2018- 1st Attempt

I joined IMS in Feb 2018 for their classroom coaching and it helped that the coaching center was just a 10 min drive from my house. I really enjoyed the classes but did not prepare too much at home. My real prep started in June when their classes ended and I began taking SIMCATS. My first SIMCAT score was 57 and it felt awful compared to the three-digit scores of some of my classmates. I understood early on that my quant section was the weakest of the three and this was apparently an anomaly for an engineer. This particular section proved to be my downfall even during my 2nd CAT attempt.

Meanwhile, the placement season began in my college and I applied to almost all the companies in order to get some interview experience. I cleared the aptitude tests of all the companies I applied to but my technical knowledge was not upto the mark as I found out in the interviews. I always had decent communication skills but never really put in too much effort in understanding technical concepts in engineering. I was rejected by 12 companies before I bagged my first job in an Indian steelmaking company in the month of September.

After securing a job, I felt pretty relaxed in the days leading upto CAT as I had a cushion to fall back on. I hit my first three-digit score in a SIMCAT in early August and luckily, my scores kept rising from there. In every mock test, my VARC score was 2*(DILR + quant) scores and the same happened in the CAT too for 2 years. I discovered PagalGuy at that time and was amazed at the stratospheric scores of some of the PG veterans. I still vividly remember DMing for QA tips from one of the toppers on PG and was baffled when he shared his phone number immediately and asked me to call him. Talks volumes about how people go out of their way here on this platform to help others in their journey.

To be honest, in 2 years, I never felt I had it in me to crack the oldest three IIMs. I was aware of the scores needed to get a call from them and I never believed I had it in me to reach anywhere close to those scores.I was pretty relaxed before all my entrance exams and thought I had done well as per my prep and aptitude levels. I did not appear for IIFT due to my ignorance about this college and exam.

NMAT: 99,   CAT: 97.74,    XAT: 98.8,  SNAP: 98.63,  CET: 99.92 (missed JBIMS by 3 marks)

Final converts: IIM Kashipur and other baby IIMs in CAP

I never felt any of my interviews were bad. Did not attend any GDPI coaching and had no clue how the interviewers perceived me. Honestly, if I had converted one out of IIM T/R/U, I would have gone for it. I chose to not settle for Kashipur and went for another try.

CAT 2019- 2nd attempt

I left the job that I got through campus placements because the posting was in a remote location and they had a 10 hr workday, 6 days a week. I felt this would hamper my prep and looked for an off campus job near my house. I interviewed and secured a job in an industrial gas company in October. The work was hectic and I barely got time to prepare in the last couple of months leading upto the CAT. I practiced a lot of mocks this time around and also enrolled in AIMCATS. I made the mistake of not practicing the basics of quant and only concentrating on mocks. End result- similar story in CAT 2019.

Final test scores: 

CAT: 97.64,    IIFT: 99.85,   XAT: 98.5,   CET: 99.3

Went for a couple of mock interviews before the GDPI season and realized my GK was abysmal. I could not convincingly present a diplomatic opinion on any of the ongoing global issues. I had to put special attention to GK to try and atleast appear passable in an interview.

The season started with a stress interview at IIFT. It came as a shock to me as IIFT was known to take pretty chill interviews. For 15 mins, I was arguing about “culture of a place and its implications” with the male member of the panel and at the end, the female member asked me 2 random GK questions and let me leave.

The most enjoyable interview of my life was at MDI where the panelists touched upon every aspect, be it current affairs, academics and extra-curriculars. This was the first time I was made to sing an alaap in an interview and thought they were visibly impressed. One of my interviewers even gave me book recommendations to try out. I did not prepare anything for the interview as I felt my percentile was pedestrian by MDI standards and painfully recollected that with a similar percentile in CAT 2018, I had got a waitlist number close to 700.

On May 22, the first good news was announced. I had converted IIM Ranchi in the first list and I was ecstatic. Hugged my parents, called up my friends and resigned from my job a couple of days later. Even if I had not converted any other college, I would have happily joined IIM Ranchi this year. My dad was especially proud of me that day. He had been disappointed after my JEE debacle and I had sort of made amends for that.

MDI results came out a week later and I had to cross check on both my mobile phone and laptop just to make sure I was looking at the correct waitlist number. It was 6! I could not believe my eyes. There was the agonizing wait of 1 month before the next list came out in which I converted PGPM.

Final status:

Converts: MDI PGPM, IIFT Delhi, all CAP IIMs


All the best to everyone going for CAT 2020 and also to those embarking on a B-School journey this year.

MDI Gurgaon 2020-22 | CAT'19:  97.64%ile | IIFT'19: 99.85%ile
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Congratulations 🎊

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@abinashroy Thanks bro

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Do some one have ims portal and don't need and willing to share plzz

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To say that MBA has always been a dream for me would be a lie. It never was until the year 2018. 

Lets do this. 93/95/67 (Economics) | General | Female 33 months work ex 

You & Your Truth. 

2016- I will not be a mere cog in the wheels of capitalism. I am made for something bigger. 

2017- In denial. Chasing false dreams and passions. Hustling in a startup.

2018- Realization 

2019- Redemption

School was a breeze: I loved Mathematics & English since I was a kid. I loved studying. In 11th, I decided to go against the norm of choosing Non-Medical, despite having great scores and scholarship. I knew deep down, engineering is not what I want to do. Rebelled and took commerce. 

GRADUATION Economics- Achilles’ heel. This was the start of all the troubles. I soon realized the subject is too pure for my distracting mind. Lost interest in it, became a part of the last 20% of the batch. Graduation became all about surviving after that. Hence, the low scores. 

2016- For the sake of rebelling, decided to go for Journalism post undergrad. Still, gave CAT without any preparation. Scored 87 percentile. 

2017- Year of rejections 

I attempted every examination for Journalism but did not get into any of the top colleges. I received a mail from the old college id that there is an opening in a start up for Business Analyst. I joined it with a heavy heart. This was not what I had envisioned for myself. I was under the impression that this was temporary, and ache din aane wale hai. 

2018- Year of Realizations and coming out of Denial 

Life had become stagnant. I realized I was putting to waste all the years of hard work. I needed a change. Competition breaks complacency. I decided to give CAT with coaching and with a job. Result- 87 percentile again, no good calls.

2019- Self-study. Quit work in October. Gave myself 45 days to prepare. I decided to give CAT just for the sake of giving it. After previous failures, I set NMAT, SNAP and XAT as my main targets. Did not stress about CAT but prepared, nonetheless. Result- 96.9 percentile Calls- IIM LKIS, CAP IIMs, IIM Rohtak 

GD/PI Preparation 

Mistake- Joined coaching but it did not help me much. It was very basic.

Staying true to my nature, I prepared myself in a chaotic manner- from anything to everything.

K Interview Experience

Unfortunately, first PI I had was of Kozhikode. This was the first BLACKIS interview I was giving. I was second in line. The girl who went before me came out flustered. She dashed to the lift without giving us a feedback and at that moment I knew something will go wrong. I had heard about stress interviews, how to tackle them, what to do, what not to do, how to divert. Let me tell you honestly, none of the hacks work when you are inside that room in front of the panel. No tricks, tips, lies, fabrications work. Only you and your truth. In those 15 minutes, I was asked about 10 different personalities, a few from Economics and a few from Politics. I froze after the first question which was “Who is Brinda Karat?”. My confidence took a fall and everything went downhill. One of the panelists said and I quote him verbatim, “You did not prepare for this interview.” After this disastrous interview, I had CAP 2 days later. It went well, the environment was relaxed, the conversation flowed, and I was confident of a convert. 

L Interview experience 

My CL mentor advised me to prepare academics well as L interview is based on your undergrad subject. I studied more economics preparing for my Interview than I did in those 3 years. Unfortunately, shortcuts rarely work in academics, you need to know the basics, concepts and why’s and how’s. Saw my panelist face from WAT, googled the faculty, he was a PhD in Economics. I laughed and knew what was about to come. Pure grilling on economics from someone who loved the subject enough to do a PhD, of someone who did not respect the subject enough in undergrad and barely survived. Result: His face resembled the face of K’s panelist and I could read the expression on his face, “You did not prepare for this interview.” 

I Interview experience

After striking out K & L, I knew Indore is my last chance of a BLACKI convert. I studied hard. Current affairs and work ex were my strengths. I knew if the interview remained on these areas, I would excel easily. Economics was my Achilles’ heel. Still, I learned the concepts and prepared 3 years’ worth of Micro and Macroeconomics concepts. The interview exceeded my expectations, it went great. Current affairs, academics, work ex- all questions were answered well. I was confident of a convert.

Result: Converted Indore. 

Gently rejected in Kozhikode. An embarrassing WL at L, S 

My advice to all aspirants 

1. There are no hacks so don’t go searching for them.

2. Your journey is different from other’s.

3. Take away only what you think will work for you and discard the rest.

4. Never settle for less. You know your calibre and worth.

5. Trust your instincts. In the end, what matters is you and your truth. Trust me, everything will be laid bare in your CAT journey.

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@briju1997 Thanks, joining where?

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@hellohi9 Fore school

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I joined PG after everything was postponed in March and became active recently. I haven’t interacted with anyone much but being here helped deal with the anxiety of delayed online interviews and results. So this is all I want to say about CAT. (Spoiler alert, there’s a happy ending). 

PS. Few details are kept fuzzy for anonymity purpose.

CAT 2018-

I was a final year student and gave it because everyone was doing it. My only goal was to get a decent percentile that I wouldn’t mind telling people. At the time, that meant above 90 %ile for me.

I studied geometry for 10 days, gave zero mocks and ended up scoring 91%ile overall. Most of it was because of verbal (96 %ile), while DILR was below cutoff (70 %ile). Quant was somewhere in between.

Because of the DILR score, the only call I had was MICA, which I had filled because back then I was interested in Mass Communication. I was waitlisted there which didn’t convert in the end.

I joined a one year mass communication diploma and decided to give CAT 2019 only in August 2019.

I joined coaching and started preparing in the second week of August. Mine was the very last batch started, so late, that I heard other batch students saying, “Sir, aren’t they sad that their syllabus will finish in November?” and even the teachers saying to other batches, “That batch shouldn’t have been started at all, their syllabus itself will finish in November.” (These were two separate instances). This fueled my motivation to study and I attended extra classes in batches where the syllabus was far ahead, and completed the syllabus by October last week roughly. At one point I was attending coaching six days a week.

I gave my first mock after the first introductory class and scored 86. Over the course of my preparation, I gave around 8 mocks maybe and the highest I scored was around 118/120, I think. VARC was my strongest suit primarily because I have been reading novels for the longest time. With my CAT 18 performance and it generally being a more unpredictable section, DILR was the section I was most scared of. My quant score was improving as I covered more topics in coaching.

This time around, I was only focused on getting the best CAT score I could. I didn’t have a  dream college as such, the closest thing to it being FMS and that too only because I saw it on my way to college for years and the few days I spent researching to fill its form. IIM’s were an abstract concept to me while FMS felt more real. 

On the CAT day, my system glitched- the exam wouldn’t start and when it did, navigation between questions was requiring multiple clicks. I was shifted to a different system twice. Although much time wasn’t lost in this shifting, coupled with the difficult VARC in slot 1, it messed with my headspace. I remember thinking- ‘VARC was supposed to be my strong suit, with that gone, what could I do in the rest of the sections. FMS and the whole CAT attempt gone to trash.’ Not a very good mental space to be in during an exam. I didn’t even touch one of the RC’s and maximized my attempts on VA with 27/28 final attempts. (Last time, I had attempted all 34). As the three hours progressed, I got a hold of myself and did as well as I could in DILR and Quant. After the exam, I had angry tears in my eyes and I cursed my CAT center a lot.

When the answer key came, my raw score was 140. With the disaster I had thought my exam to be, this was a pleasant surprise. Coincidentally, I had scored the exact same marks in VARC as CAT 18, although accuracy was much higher. I started looking up shortlist criteria for the top IIM’s only after this and realized A, B, C were never going to call me at this score/percentile and my 9/9/7 profile, so I started hoping for L, K, I shortlists. I did get calls from all IIM’s except ABC.

I gave other exams as well and did reasonably well in some and not in others. The other good calls I had were SPJIMR and XL-HR. The FMS call didn’t come and in hindsight, it was for the best as at my percentile, it wouldn’t have converted anyway and would have added two more months of misery.

Ths GD/WAT-PI stage from preparation to the actual process was nerve wracking. Interviews have historically not been something I am good at and this season also, they ranged from being average to a downright shit show.

The anxiety grew as the wait for results increased. I had even started solving maths questions and LR sets to deal with it.

As results started coming in, I was rejected or given a high enough merit rank from all my calls to be called a reject except for a waitlist in IIM K and a tier 2 BSchool.

My waitlist number at K was such that everyone I told it to said, you’ll easily sail through. I am a bit of a skeptic by nature and like to be realistic in my expectations- preparing for the worst and hoping for the best kind of thing. But this time I did not follow my own ideology and believed in my head before I had the convert in hand. The waitlist movement crushed that. The zero movement in the second waitlist list was heartbreaking. I started mentally preparing myself and planning for CAT 2020 or the possibility of joining the tier 2 B-School which I converted after some waitlist movement there (something I didn’t want to do). I even gave a free mock and unfollowed all the IIMK insta pages I had foolishly followed beforehand.

Eventually though, waitlist movement happened in K and I converted my call. So, that’s my happy ending- I will be joining IIM Kozhikode, class of 2020-2022.

Here are my learnings and advice for the CAT exam-

> Read long articles and novels, not just to increase reading speed but to get habituated to long passages. Most people I know who have VARC as their weak area are ones who get bored just by looking at the long paragraphs and lose interest and motivation to solve the RC’s.

> The headspace you are in on D-Day matters a lot. Prepare yourself for the worst glitches to happen and count yourself lucky if they don’t.

> Attend GD’s at your coaching institute if you are enrolled in one, irrespective of your calls having GD’s or not. Attending GD’s during GDPI prep had three fold benefits for me- increase in knowledge about current affairs/important topics; improvement in speaking skills; feedback. It depends a lot on the moderator whether all these are gained or not. Judge if the GD’s you attend are helping you get such benefits and then decide to continue attending or not.

> Most importantly, don't compare your level of preparation and where you are in your CAT journey with others'. Strive to be better than YOU were before.

That is all I wanted to say about CAT. Best of luck to everyone giving CAT 2020 or joining a B-school this year!

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Hey! What was your percentile?

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@MDIMAN Hey, it was 97.xx

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How did I realise I wanted to do a MBA, well it was more about elimination of choices, If I would be honest. I did not really enjoy my Engineering subjects, except a few. So, GATE and GRE were out of consideration. I did my research, and MBA was 1 thing which seemed interesting, and not needing to study any technical subjects for CAT was a plus (Not GMAT, did not want to study abroad). Come January 2016(3rd Year of Engineering), I enrolled in TIME for their classroom programme. Initial couple of months were about knowing the syllabus and pattern (Yes I was Lazy). This was the when I came to know about Pagalguy (One of the faculties actually told us to stay away from it, don’t even know why).Then came the end- semesters, meaning I did not study anything related to CAT till May. After that, my internship started, I started prepping side by side, Things started falling in place, the mock scores started touching 110-120s and in one of the mocks in early August I crossed the 150 barrier, as happy as I was, but QA was not really working out for me (2 years later I realised it was the STRATEGY part which was missing). And then the placements began, and not being from a tier-1 college (probably not even tier-2), It was important to get that 1 Job. Luckily I got into the 1st IT company that visited. And then a month later an automobile and a few manufacturing companies were lined up. I got rejected in the automobile one, but then I somehow cracked the next manufacturing company, and now I had 2 Job offers. The next few days were all about party and party (People not from premier Undergrad colleges would relate better), and I took just 1 more mock before CAT. No surprise, I tanked CAT. 

CAT 2016- 93.02 Percentile (Obviously No calls)

I joined the company in June 2017. And the first few months were, like they say, the honeymoon period. I started very late for CAT Prep because I wanted a bit more Work-ex(did not intend to join that term), I filled the form for CAT, but could not take CAT as my grandmother passed away few days before CAT, and I had to there till 3 days before CAT. I requested for extending leave so that I could take CAT, but I realised I had my leaves reduced by one rather. That’s when I realised life is going to get tough ahead.

CAT 2017- Skipped.

All this while, one good thing happened. I started knowing things about Operations and Supply Chain and probably one reason why I want to do an MBA (2 years late I guess). I started prepping for CAT around June, things were going fine till August. In August, I was sent away to a different remote location for 15 days. I came back and we had to change our accommodation, which took another few days to get everything in place. The erratic shift routine and long work hours had started taking a toll on me (I remember being so tired one day, I slept at 12 in the night after my shift, waking up after 6, to realise it was not am but pm XD). I started my prep again and I was sent again to another place for some work. This is where I made a huge mistake, I lost momentum, and did not get really back to preparation till last few days of October (For second time, I had repeated the mistake). I knew I had not taken enough mocks, I went on with the prep till CAT, took just two more mocks. The lack of mocks showed, I was slow and sluggish. I panicked and was never in control. The result-

CAT 2018- 93.30 Percentile

I did better in XAT 2019, got XL HR call (did not clear QA cut-off for BM). Also had VGSOM call through CAT. Got Waitlisted in VGSOM and rejected in XLRI. All this was followed with conversations with my parents and I realising that CAT 2019 was to be my last attempt to get into a B-School due to certain personal reasons. After thinking a lot, taking advice from many (most suggesting against it), I decided to quit my job after completing 2 years. So, here I was in July 2019, without knowing what was ahead of me. I knew I could not repeat my mistakes from the previous attempts (And thinking have I done another one in a quest to write-off the previous ones).

One Last Time

August 2019 was the month of getting the things in place and getting mock ready. Around this time I started being more active on Pagalguy. I used to see people posting their mock scores, I started doing the same. I was hitting the 130s-140s slowly. I kept taking mocks, analysing my mistakes and slowly getting my strategy in place. In Early October, I was hit with a wave of low mock scores, but this is where PG kept me motivated. Last few mocks saw scores from 130s to 160s. Just a few days before CAT, I had my NMAT score in hand, it was 221 which meant I was almost sure of one call at least. For the 1st time ever, I had afternoon slot for CAT (for a change). 

D-DAY- VARC gave me a head-ache. After the exam I felt as if I might not score more than 40. In LRDI, I attempted 16 questions, but in one set I got lost in the data in between, I took a 30 second break to calm myself, then it struck to me, I could cross check with the options and the set seemed to fall in place then(I took a gamble). QA felt relatively easier. I attempted 27 questions, felt that accuracy must be decent.

The response sheet was out after a few days but I just could not check. IIFT followed, did not go well for me. And I finally decided to check my score. I uploaded my response sheet and then the score I could see, 154 it was. I was happy that all is not over, but as I started checking the sectionals, I saw a 55 in VARC, 48 in LRDI (100% Accuracy after that VARC, Man, I was proud of myself) and 51 in QA. I checked the answers and I was laughing at my mistakes in QA (I had 9 incorrect answers, RIP Accuracy XD). I let it go for then, did fine in SNAP. 

Meanwhile the percentiles were out.

CAT 2019- 98.95 Percentile (Scaled Score of 156.69)

XAT followed next and I would rather not talk about it L. Scored a 99 in NMAT and 98.77 in SNAP.

Calls started coming in, I had filled lot of forms, so had quite a few Interviews lined up. But the first one being the most important one, IIM Lucknow in Kolkata on 7th February. On 1st February, I left home for one last mock PI, but could go only couple of kilometres away as I met with an accident. I was happy after I realised I did not break any bones but travelling was going to be tough now, given that in a week’s time I had 4 interviews lined up in 3 cities in 4 consecutive days. The first one being the most important one, IIM Lucknow in Kolkata on 7th February. When I left the room of Taj Bengal after the PI, I was sweating, I was bashed, humiliated and not even given a chance to put forward my points. I knew I was sure of getting a reject there (Not the start I needed). I had a flight to catch as I had as SCMHRD and SIBM interviews lined up for the next 2 days and NMIMS the day after that. All the three went fine. Next I had SPJIMR and CAP interviews on 14th and 19th Feb. SPJIMR, I felt it went okay (Got the Pendrive :P) and in CAP, I was the last one to go, and they seemed least interested to take a PI. SJMSOM went pretty fine and MDI was average. This is when corona struck us all, and I had online PIs for NITIE and IIM Shillong. IIT Delhi scrapped their PI.


Waitlists- IIM Lucknow, SPJIMR, SIBM, IIT Delhi

Rejects- SJMSOM

Joining- NITIE

From having given up of to converting NITIE (one of my dream colleges) barely in the 3rd Waitlist, from getting straight rejected after a (What I thought) decent interview, to getting waitlisted or selected even after ordinary interviews, the whole journey has been a rollercoaster. For someone interested in Operations and Supply Chain, nothing better could have happened than getting into NITIE (Atleast, I hope). When I look back, I have done more wrongs than rights may be, but I have kept and will keep learning. I hope.

And Pagalguy has always been one place which kept me motivated and happy at many a times. I still remember reading AIWTSACs of CAT 18 multiple times and trying to draw out motivation from those. Looking at scores of mock Gods and wanting to reach there and the memes which would make me smile. I would also mention a few friends whom I met quite a few people through this forum and they have been a vital part of the last 6-7 months of my journey- @IIM_Groot , @onepoorGEM, @VinayHirani1, @Utkarsh7511 , @sanchit3008, @TanujA3, @Sherlock221bED. There were ups and downs, from fruitful discussions, to the most random chitchat, and bashing certain B-Schools for whatever reasons, I have had the most amazing conversations with you guys. And special thanks to all the guys from the mock season and after who have helped me knowingly or unknowingly, can’t take names because there would be many.

For Humans of PG, my DM is always open for you guys in case you need any help. 


(Kindly Ignore grammatical errors, If any)

CAT 19-98.95 || NITIE (2020-22)
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@scrabbler 🙈 missed that opportunity . @Deep.ak All the best for NITIE bro.

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Thanks bro. All the best to you too.

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