As a premier business school, VJIM emphasizes academic excellence and extracurricular exposure. They believe in the power of learning outside the class as it increases their interpersonal skills and helps students gain knowledge about their subjects. As a result, VJIM is always encouraging its students to participate and gain skills to make them more confident in their business pursuits. The extracurricular activities are also designed to provide an optimum chance for the students to accelerate their skills and demonstrate their finesse in the field. Another primary goal behind encouraging a holistic student life is to develop leadership qualities within the students and develop their talents by joining forces with their peers. VJIM furthermore makes it a point to provide opportunities for the students to enroll in healthy competition and represent VJIM at other B-Schools.

Academic Clubs

There are a number of academic clubs at VJIM, such as Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations, and Analytics. These clubs are designed to hone students’ academic knowledge and push them to develop more competent skill sets. There are a number of activities done by the academic clubs, such as quizzes, newspaper analysis, field trips, talks, and seminars. The students are expected to engage in the organizing as well as participation part of these activities. There is also the facility of peer learning and regular discussions that expedites the learning process.

Cultural Clubs

Along with developing academic skills, VJIM ensures students get a chance to hone their cultural and social skills. The cultural clubs include VJIMIANS Unheard Voices, Theatrical Club, Book Club, and Toast Masters. These clubs work towards music, dance, and art, and these are demonstrated in VJIM’s Chrysalis Annual Fest. Details about the club are as follows-

  • Tanmaya – VJIM melomaniacs club tries to bind music with education and bring the gift of tunes to the campus. The students are allowed the showcase their skills, get trained in music, participate in inter-college and intra-college functions and add to the peaceful environment of the campus.
  • Vitarka -The Debate Club of VJIM provides the right voice to the students to help them express their viewpoints logically and coherently. It trains the student to understand the structure of a debate and, after that, become good debaters. This allows the students to gain a broader viewpoint and a different perspective on their lives. The students engaged in debate become competent in analyzing information and carrying out in-depth research without preconceived biases.
  • Social Outreach Club- VJIM believes in the idea of giving back to society, and this club is a medium for the same. They conduct year-long activities that help create a social impact. The activities include blood donation camps, plantation drives, awareness campaigns, sanitation campaigns, and many more.
  • Vjimians Unheard Voices Club- This club plans sessions where people are motivated to share their experiences and learn from people who have struggled before gaining success.
  • Theatrical Club- The club is focused on organizing plays, teaching students to indulge in theatre, and also convey social messages.
  • Book Club- They organize book discussions and also write book reviews that help other members of the club to make better choices while finding their right fitting book.
  • Toastmasters Club- It is a club that is created for world leaders in communication and leadership development. There are 350,000 members, and the members range from 140 countries. The students have to attend and give speeches, get feedback, lead various teams, and henceforth build strong leadership skills.

Committees at VJIM: There are a number of committees at VJIM that help in the smooth functioning of the student community. Some of the committees are as follows-

  • Entrepreneurship Development Committee that creates an environment of innovation and entrepreneurial culture amongst the students.
  • The sports committee is responsible for organizing sporting events, coaching students, creating awareness regarding sports, and identifying teams for inter-college sporting events.
  • Alumni Committee is a network of students from 27 batches that provides current, past, and future students of VJIM to network, communicate and learn from a pool of 2900 members.
  • PR Committee creates a report for all the events that go around VJIM and ensure that the reports reach the students on time.
  • The placement committee is invested in providing placements to the students, coordinating with companies, and organizing placement drives.
  • Admissions Committee works with the admissions department and is engaged in branding and digital campaigns for VJIM admissions.
  • Hostel Committee takes care of the hostellers, addresses their issues, organizes hostel events, and maintains hostel schedules.


The academic clubs, cultural clubs, and committees together create a smooth functioning VJIM student life with abundant opportunities for the students to find their fit. Students are free to challenge themselves in academic clubs, hone their talent in the cultural ones or become the impetus in the operations of the students’ body by taking part in committees. All these opportunities are directed towards the well-being of the students and also focused on their well-rounded development as young leaders of the corporate.

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