Kharghar has been renowned for being the educational hub, talent hub, and intellectual part of Navi Mumbai. ITM Navi Mumbai for the past 32 years has been providing students with top-class education and nurturing leaders to become ready for the corporate world. With a diverse student community across India, ITM Navi Mumbai provides students with a dynamic and a holistic experience. The life at ITM Navi Mumbai while students pursue their PGDM is full of various experience that collectively help them grow as individuals both personally as well as professionally.

The Institution provides students with a highly research driven campus and a number of Specializations to choose from for their PGDM. They provide opportunities to students to explore and learn and identify what is right for them.

Life at ITM, Navi Mumbai Kharghar Campus won’t just restrict you to Academics. Their unique initiative of ensuring that they focus on the overall development of students – ‘Talewind’ will help you be a part of various committees that keep you in touch with your hobbies and at the same time be a representative for your community. Moreover, the various competitions that will help you gain a practical view of the world, business and case studies competitions; and many more that top it off for you and prepare you to be aligned with the real-world workings.

The Kharghar campus provides you with an industry experience during summer internship, helps you get mentoring from industry experts and learn from them. The campus provides you with opportunities to dive into social and mental projects while studying and also give you the opportunity of an immersive learning experience. You will meet people with various experiences and backgrounds and this will give you a networking opportunity that helps you go a long way in your professional career.

For further information about ITM, join the discussion group and ask any questions you may have. College representatives will be available to provide answers.

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