Vignana Jyothi is a product of pioneers in various fields, from people in business, industrialists, and academicians to professionals. It is this extreme richness in the founding figures which brings absolute excellence to the business school. The institute is created on the pillars of social, cultural, and scientific growth, and thus, the institute paves a path for its students to not only step up the corporate ladder but also gain well-rounded knowledge. The business school provides a two-year PGDM program, specially created to instill business acumen in the students while also working on their employable skills. With its innovative pedagogy and integrated curriculum, VJIM creates an environment optimum for budding talents.


VJIM has a broad range of options to specialize in, and each of these specializations has the uniqueness that sets them apart in the market.

Business Analytics- The need of the hour is Data. Every day millions of data are generated, and this data needs to be processed. As a result, the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is growing, especially in sectors like Supply Chain or Oil and Gas. This data processing is what becomes essential for students of Business Analytics, who learn skills that make them proficient in data analysis. Hence, the students become ready to take up designations like Analytics Manager, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, and many more. The institute also offers preliminary to advance courses in MS Excel for Managers, Tableau for data visualization, Big Data, R programming, and Machine Learning.

What students gain- The students develop a keen eye for detail and astute analytical skills. They understand how to process data, make the best use of resources and achieve a fair knowledge about how to reach their professional goals.

Finance – One of the evergreen fields in corporate is a highly sought-after course in VJIM. At VJIM, the finance department offers specialized courses in Financial statement analysis, Valuation, Investment Analysis, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Analytics. The specialization aids the student in gaining proficiency in their desired field and provides them direction in their career at an early stage. The students also get access to financial databases, which help them get an experiential learning experience. Furthermore, they are also taught software like Python and R and are encouraged to undertake summer internships. All these academic ventures help the students develop an entrepreneurial mindset that makes them solution-oriented in their approach.

What students gain – By the end of two years, the students gain critical thinking ability and also the ability to solve problems by looking for unique and unconventional solutions. These qualities make the students desired candidates in front of potential employees.

Human Resource- Finding the right resource is an art that can be developed, and VJIM helps students in this journey. As a student specializing in Human Resource, you will learn about the methodology of finding the right fit and understanding organizational issues and employee challenges on a global level. This will streamline their learning process and equip them to get their hands on talent acquisition, development, and retention. With a focus on technology, the Human resource department ensures that students develop interpersonal skills, organizational skills as well as technical skills. They thus focus on creating an environment that hones leadership qualities and motivates students to engage in business strategies, HR management, and team-building activities. As a result, students get a 360-degree knowledge that enables them to take up positions in the fields like workforce Planning, Human Resource Information Systems, Talent Acquisitions, Performance Management, Learning and Development, and Compensation and Reward management.

What students gain – This program makes the students ready to take up executive roles by optimizing their knowledge and gaining experience that is not only technical but also extremely practical. This kind of blended course helps the student apply real-time agendas that later prove beneficial for their corporate journey.

Marketing – In today’s ever-evolving that relies on social media, a significant part of growing a customer base comes from the aspect of marketing. Keeping its importance in mind, VJIM offers a range of courses that spreads from basics to electives. The courses available to students include Marketing Management, Sales and distribution, Services Marketing Brand Management, Rural Marketing, Marketing Metrics, Analytics, and many more. These courses are designed to impart knowledge beyond textbooks. The department is dedicated to providing a multidimensional learning system and thus keeps organizing guest lectures, seminars, and conclaves while also enabling an environment of discussion in the classroom. The course offers core courses like Sales & Distribution Management, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, and Marketing research. They also provide contemporary subjects like Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics that give a blended knowledge to the students.

What students gain  – With the hands-on approach, the students learn to experiment with marketing tools and trends while also learning about traditional marketing techniques. As a result, they become ready to take up higher positions in the industry because of their practical edge.

Operation – Operations department is the one that helps students explore the nuances of tools that would help them solve issues related to the field of operations. Even though the field is based more on the quantitative side, the course goes one step ahead and teaches a blend of both the quantitative and qualitative sides of the field. VJIM takes a dynamic pedagogy with simulations, field visits, and even case studies. These help students get a more detailed understanding of the field and thus gain expertise. The courses that are offered under this specialization are Operational Management, Project management, Logistics & Supply chain Management, Supply Chain Analytics, Service Operations Management, and many more.

What students gain – Students gain logical reasoning, quick decision-making, and multitasking skills, which lets them get better at getting placed in a revered company. The courses further help them focus on their specialized area, which makes the experience even more worthwhile.


VJIM’s array of specializations gives the students a chance to find their fit amongst a variety of courses, choose their career path and work towards it in a timely and organized manner. The multiple electives and abundance of academic opportunities make VJIM an appealing name in the brands of Business schools.

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