Committees and Clubs at Management Development Institute Murshidabad

In any higher education institute, the culture and environment of the campus play a crucial role in the all-inclusive development of its students. To ensure this, Management Development Institute Murshidabad (MDIM) has continually encouraged and hosted social events with the help of its numerous clubs and committees. Through these social and cultural events, ranging from corporate social meetings to music concerts to competitions, the Institute has aimed to offer its students opportunities to socialize, meet the giants of the corporate world, and acquire a holistic experience of a campus life. The following are the clubs and committees operating and conducting workshops and competitions at MDIM


Webinar and Corporate Talks

In an attempt to maintain a constant connection between the students and the current trends of the business industry, MDIM calls noteworthy industry professionals, who share their guidance, invaluable knowledge, and experience in the industry through these corporate talks. Through these talks, the students as well as the faculty at the institute get a chance to connect with these professionals through deliberation platforms, such as Omilia, OP-Talks, Kroneversation, Youpreneur: Entrepreneurship Talk, EchelonTalks, Vitt-Gyaan, and Talk-a-Lytics, and many more. Students acquire an understanding of the current industry developments and are fundamental in ensuring industry relevance for academic research. Thus far, MDIM has hosted eminent professionals from various companies, including Nielsen, Emami, Paytm Money, ŠKODA AUTO, Flipkart, and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. 


KPMG Six Sigma Certification

The skill development of its students is and always has been one of the primary objectives of MDIM Acquiring professional certificates from one of the most prestigious management companies serves that objective well. Through this Six Sigma Green Belt Certification with KPMG organized by the operations club Opcellence at the institute in February, students learned novel and essential skills to navigate through their professional management career. The course helps enhance students’ credibility. 



Finartha is the prestigious finance club of MDIM. Among other things, the club is responsible for organizing various finance related workshops and lectures for students at the institute. This year, Finartha organized a Behavioral Finance Workshop on 5th and 8th February, 2021. This two-day online workshop was conducted by Prof. Sanjay Bakshi, who offered his expertise on behavioral finance, with the workshop theme being the effects of incentive-based behavior on investment decision-making. As it does every year, this year the finance committee successfully hosted its flagship competition Fincrux, along with Annual Finance Conclave and a workshop on Big Data Analytics. Mr. Mohanachandran Kr, Viraj Mehta, Satyanandan Atyam, and Vikram Subburaj offered mentoring during the conclave and provided support with their extensive knowledge in finance and industrial experience.



ECOMINDS is the economics club at MDIM. As it does every year, the club hosted its annual event named The Budget Express on the D2C platform. Ecominds in D2C, which is a renowned platform among leading business schools, started with ‘Ecography’, an article writing competition. The Budget Express competition was based on Budget 2021. It comprised a Quiz and a power point presentation on ‘Six Pillars of Budget 2021’. To help understand the topic, Ecominds had invited three esteemed guests from diverse fields, namely Mr. George Joseph, Mr. R.K. Yadav, and Mr. Gopal Mondal. They discussed their perspectives on the economy’s growth, GST, and tax evasion. This competition garnered attention from students interested in the Economics of India and of the world. 



Syndekon is the Public Relations Media & Web Committee at MDIM. On 31st of January, 2021, the committee hosted an event named E-Samvaad. The event involved media professionals, academicians, and research scholars. These participants discussed one of the most pressing concerns in the world of digital marketing and advertising.

“Is the internet becoming a giant advertising billboard that is suffocating its users?” The conclave comprised interesting panel discussions with four speakers having expertise in marketing, advertising, as well as public relations. A stand-up comedy session by Kumar Varun helped end the event on a light and friendly note. Through this one-day event, the participants were able to connect and exchange of ideas, thereby broadening their horizons. 


Cultural Committee

Under the immense academic pressure, it is essential that students are offered opportunities to find time to unwind and enjoy the campus life as well. This is where cultural committee—Aakriti—comes to students’ rescue. This committee at MDIM organizes various cultural events that help students relieve their stress and energize so that they can better cope with their hectic and demanding class schedules, projects, and assignments. The committee hosts various festivals, competitions, and events to boost student morale and provide them some reprieve. In their most recent event, they managed to organize a musical night featuring soulful artist Taba Chake. 


Yoga Club

As an initiative towards fostering wellbeing in the community, the Yoga Club SVADHYAYA at MDIM organizes in-campus sessions. Often under the guidance of well-known practitioners, such as Lamya Arsiwala, students practice yoga, meditation, and other exercises that help relieve stress, boost immunity, and enhance their overall health. The sessions combine spirituality and physical well-being, thereby helping students manage their mental and physical health and bolster their stress management skills.


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