Brenda Ueland once claimed that ‘Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express’. This becomes highly relevant in an educational space that houses not only budding corporate leaders but also a diverse range of talent. In this regard, nurturing talent takes the foremost importance. It is only by giving an apt platform to these qualities and further pushing the students to expand their boundaries, that a well-rounded individual can be honed.  The K J Somaiya Institute of Management campus facilitates an apt platform for students to nurture their individual skills and talents that go beyond the walls of the classroom. Located in the heartland of India, Mumbai, K J Somaiya offers a range of landmark courses. But aside from a stellar curriculum and remarkable faculty, the student initiatives at the holistic space of K J Somaiya through a wide spectrum of societies and clubs are truly exceptional.

An in-house range of around 29 committees, these clubs cater to a wide area of interests. From core committees, cultural development, professional growth to even subject area-specific committees, the holistic range gives an opportunity to each student to engage with their hobbies outside of the classroom, and gain the most vital B-School experience to inculcate a well-rounded personality. Embarking on the idea that talent thrives when let free, all the committees are managed by the student body, giving them an ample amount of scope to keep their independent spirit alive. This idea gives the students an opportunity to experiment and innovate with their talents and intermix creativity with their skills.

But in this regard, the idea of having a qualified mentor also becomes important. Someone who can become a guide in times of dilemma. Keeping this maxim in mind, the committees are allotted a faculty in charge. The role herein of the faculty is to oversee the happenings and day-to-day proceedings of the committee and provide guidance wherever they deem necessary. In this manner, the students get a better learning experience and exposure. Through the continual and thorough guidance of the faculty, students can strive to upkeep the vision and mission of their respective committees and always achieve their desired objectives. But in all essence, these committees are driven by the student and of course, constituted for the student. From exploring the contemporary trends to getting the opportunity to showcase their talents, the student committees at KJ Somaiya ensure that each unique talent becomes extraordinary.

The competitions and exhibits organized by the respective committees are exceptional in every manner. In these vibrant events, a myriad of talents come into play and offer a montage of colours. Further to supplement the quest of honing the well-rounded professionals, K J Somaiya urges each and every student to be a part of at least one student committee. Not only a platform to shape and sharpen one’s skills but also a hub where one can meet and interact with like-minded and diverse peers. This also gives hindsight to students into working in a macro level setup with a wide range of people, just like in a professional corporate environment. Discussing transformative and revolutionary ideas, one can always find themselves basing firm opinions and churning out good opinions through a regular discussion with peers in these student communities. And just like a corporate environment, the committees prove as a solid base to forge connections and build networks for a lifetime, thereby making one industry-ready. In a way, it acts as leverage for one to enter the corporate field and prepares them for what lays ahead.

Some of the stellar committees that are in-house at the K J Somaiya campus are:

  • Enactus Somaiya Social Cell- Social entrepreneurship cell of the institute.
  • Pathfinder Committee- Aims to nurture and facilitate entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Acumen Committee – The quizzing and debating society 
  • Humanist Committee- The HR committee with an aim to develop leadership skills in students through experiential activities.
  • Somaiya Toastmasters Club- Aiming to develop the communication and leadership skills of the students.
  • Sports Committee- Organises and coordinates Intra and inter sports events.
  • Photography Club- The photography committee. 
  • Mauj Club- The music club 
  • Finstreet- Conducts events around the theme of Finance throughout the year.
  • Interface- Helps students enhance their marketing acumen through relevant experiences

With these and many more class apart committees, the opportunities to grow one’s talent and explore one’s boundaries at K J Somaiya are par excellence. 

Admissions are open for MBA, MBA in Healthcare Management and MBA in Sports Management for the year 2022. To apply, click here.

The eligibility criteria for applying to MBA programme for 2022-24 is to appear for the qualifying test, namely CAT 2021 / XAT 2022 / CMAT 2022/ NMAT* / GMAT*.The candidates then have to appear for the CA-PI round.

The eligibility criteria for applying to MBA-HCM and MBA-SM for 2022-24 is to appear for the qualifying test, namely CAT 2021 / XAT 2022 / CMAT 2022/ NMAT* /GMAT*. Candidates appearing for MBA HCM and MBA SM need to submit Statement of Purpose (SOP). Profile based shortlisting shall take place on the basis of the form and Statement of Purpose (SOP). Likewise, the candidates then have to appear for the CA-PI round.

*Candidates applying through NMAT & GMAT are required to select K J Somaiya Institute of Management as one of the institutes for sending their scores in NMAT & GMAT application forms/portal respectively. For NMAT, the scores of only the first attempt of the students will be considered. GMAT scores are valid for 3 years (from 1st January 2019 to 31st January 2022)

For more information or to ask any queries join,  [OFFICIAL] K J Somaiya Institute of Management 2022-2024 MBA Admissions.

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