In the present turn of events in the 21st century, the rise of AI is much talked about. Considering this, molding our educational modules to make the students adept at this transition into the job market becomes crucial. Gone are the days when rote and traditional methods of learning were prioritized in educational setups. Understanding the need for this, Crescent School of Business is making a transformational leap in adapting the curriculum and pedagogy to the needs of contemporary times. With the motto of making the B-School students future-ready, CSB focuses on experiential and novel pedagogical approaches. 

The present demands of the industry illustrate the importance of innovation and creativity in problem-solving and decision-making processes. This is the primary reason for the inclusion of innovation and creativity in CSB’s curriculum. Embarking on the needs of modern business education, the curriculum at CSB makes students adept in effective communication, interpersonal interaction, critical thought, and application, among other soft skills.


Some of the key USPs of CSB are:

  • The Mentors of the CSB are minds behind some of the world-class institutes.
  • The course is facilitated by an expert set of faculty who come with a range of industry and academic experience.
  • The dedicated experiential learning module helps students learn from real-time case studies.
  • The aim of the course is to nurture students to become well-rounded leaders with all required hard and soft skills.
  • The campus facilitates an opportunity for students to delve into the pool of culturally diverse and talented peer groups.
  • CSB also helps students by supporting them in their careers wholeheartedly. Hence, it provides guaranteed career guidance and placement support.

The host of programs offered by CSB are:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

  • This 24-month-long program offers the opportunity for students to sharpen their skill sets and transform their worldviews, thereby enabling them to become future leaders of the industry.
  • The program is approved by AICTE and accredited by NBA. There is a global immersion program and the school has INSEAD alumni as mentors.
  • The course offers HBR modules and simulations in pedagogy.
  • In order to make the curriculum relevant and contemporary, the course is strategy focussed and tech integrated.
  • To make students future-ready, the curriculum is adept according to industry demands.
  • Students are also trained continuously for placements and interviews.

MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development

 This programme is offered in close coordination with Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council(CIIC)

  • Providing a runway to begin your startup dreams, the MBA in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development helps students to gain all the necessary knowledge to delve into the world of entrepreneurship.
  • Industry stalwarts and scholars deliver the modules.
  • Candidates are felicitated with one on one expert training.
  • The open access to co-working spaces offers support during and pre-incubation.
  • The course offers support to funding through access to seed capital.
  • Students have opportunity to get certified in International Certification on Innovation and Management.
  • The program includes comprehensive entrepreneurship-based courses, skill certifications, capstone projects, and action learning segments.

In a stellar development, students of CSB will get a Boston connect as Babson College will provide online and offline courses in entrepreneurship for the students of CSB. The online course is offered as part of the MBA IEV program within the existing fee structure. MBA general students can take part at an additional cost. All initiatives and value adds are considered to make CSB a coming-of-age institute. Being committed to honing the future leaders of the industry, CSB indeed offers the best experiential learning modules. Hit their website to know more.

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