Mumbai Gets Its IIM! – IIM Indore Extends Its Wings to Mumbai #B-Schoolupdates

IIM Indore has broadened its horizons in opening the Mumbai chapter. Professor Himanshu Rai, Director, IIM Indore, had inaugurated the newfangled campus at Hiranandani Knowledge Park, Powai. Prof. Saumya Ranjan Dash, Dean-Programs; Prof. Subin Sudhir, Chair-Executive Education. Prof. Ganesh Nidugala, Chair-Alumni Affairs, and Prof. Ashish Sadh, Faculty, IIM Indore, participated in the campus’s inauguration.

Addressing the gathering, Professor Rai recapitulated the breakthroughs the institute has achieved in twenty-five years since its formation. He spoke of the opening of the Dubai campus, offering several short and long-term executive programs in business administration, strategic financial management, strategic marketing management, and supply chain management. The Professor recalled a few milestones of the institute.

  • IIM Indore boasts over Nine thousand alumni, hundreds of faculty, and more than fifteen flagship and executive programs. 
  • The unique five-year integrated program in management – IPM has seen a successful run since its inception in 2011. 
  • The institute has undertaken several initiatives under Institutional Social Responsibility while contributing to nation-building by collaborating with government and administrative bodies.
  • IIM Indore has formulated training sessions for digital literacy and financial empowerment of women.
  • IIM Indore has collaborated with Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh Governments for numerous initiatives. 
  • The B-school had conducted KRITAJNA, a Leadership Development program for Doctors in Frontline Service during COVID -19. The move expressed gratitude to the doctors for their selfless, noble, and devoted services during the pandemic.

Moving to a new campus in a city of dreams – Mumbai boosts the institute’s confidence in creating a better world. The Mumbai campus stretches over 20,000 square feet, housing seven classrooms, two board rooms, a meeting room, a studio room, a recreation room, and a cafeteria. The library consists of over Seven Hundred books and 2.5 e-books with a good database, including the IIM Indore campus library.

The Mumbai chapter will offer the flagship Post Graduate Program for Executives – PGPMX and many other executive programs and management development programs.

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