It is a widely known fact that the B-School experience stretches beyond the four walls of the classroom. Learning is not all theoretical but heavily relies on the aspect of experiencing practical life and thereby honing one’s skill set.

The idea remains to get holistic exposure and gain experience of blended learning. The goal herein remains that an individual witnesses a stark difference in his/her personality and can see the growth between pre-B-school and post-B-school experience. In totality, the B-School journey becomes a transformational event in itself for individuals. 

To ensure the complete growth of students in a similar fashion, the Goa Institute of Management has ensured that its campus remains bustling with activities and, in the end, remains student-driven. It follows the approach of blended learning and aims to nuance the entire personality of students. Here is a listicle of all the things that make the GIM campus one of its kind and highlights the exemplary student life.

A Mosaic of Activities

The campus is a bustling hub of enthusiasm put forth by the students. The energy of students is tangible as they plan for various sports and cultural activities. There is a wide montage of extracurricular activities available for students to experiment with. Some of these intriguing activities are filmmaking, choir, orchestra, movie club, theatre, quizzing, etc. All of these are facilitated through the existence of various student-run clubs on campus. GIM has a proud assimilation of 29 clubs and societies on campus. Students get to implement their classroom learning in these clubs and get an integrated experience. It is through their time in these activities that students get a chance to hone their personalities in an all-inclusive manner. These student clubs at GIM boast about the individuality of the students. It is the wide student body that has decision making power for these clubs and even for things like the maintenance of the mess menu. This is the reason why, through real-time exposure, the students get to apply their learning and learn the numerous managerial qualities.

Festivities on Campus

Due to the fact that there are diversities on the campus, the festivals are celebrated with full fervour. In these times, the true spirit of cultural acceptance can be very well seen among the students of the campus. Each and every student comes forth to put up a great show in such festivities and make the event a huge success.

One-on-one interaction with Pioneers

GIM strives to bring forth a mosaic of leaders from across the industries for students to get a nuanced understanding of the real-time setup of the industry, thereby giving a rich exposure to students to the transformation in the practical industry setup. The one-on-one interaction with the pioneers truly gives the students the opportunity to provide a holistic interface with the industry and thereby improve their skills accordingly.

Class Apart Facilities at GIM

GIM boasts a class apart infrastructure that aids students to bring out the best version of themselves. The comprehensive catalogue at the library and coming-of-age technology at computer labs are accessible to students 24*7. The hostels are very well equipped with high-speed WiFi, and the campus is adept at modern sports facilities like a swimming pool, lawn tennis court, football field, basketball, and volleyball court. There is also an in-house music room and a meditation room.

A Celebration of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Varied fests are organized by the e-cell of the GIM to celebrate the innovative entrepreneurial spirit among the students. Be it Eureka, Utsav, IGNIS, or Aashayein, students come forward and put forth an exemplary portrayal of their innovative selves. Aside from this, to ensure a holistic building of community engagement among the students, a lot of proceedings from these events are contributed to NGOs like Child Rights and You. Aside from this, to instil the behaviour of corporate social responsibility, the Give Goa Campaign also aims to develop the charitable fervour of the students. 

A campus that boasts of its beauty

What stands apart is the sheer beauty of GIM. Nestled in the lush greenery of the mighty Konkan Coast and near the trade hub of Goa Port, the GIM campus is a perfect blend of nature with the opportunities of the urban scape. Thereon, the very vibe at the campus proves to be conducive to the growth of an individual as a whole. 

All these factors contribute to the fact that GIM not only ensures that the approach to pedagogy and curriculum remains comprehensive, but also takes an all-inclusive approach to hone an individual’s personality. This makes the bustling space of GIM one of the most exemplary B-schools in India.

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