The RRB Railways examination is one of the exams that are applied to by millions of aspirants. The candidates have waited and prepared for this examination for about four years. The hard work, dedication and time given to the exam by the candidates are unfathomable. After the exam given by group D in the months of September, November the candidates are eager to know the result of their hard work. The candidates will sadly have to wait till February 2019 to know the proper result. The answer key to the group D exam has been released and the candidates can check and go through that to get a rough idea about their performance.

The job offered by this exam is sought after by lakhs of people and they will not leave any chance to grab the opportunity to be a part of a government office. The respect and money that one earns in a government office cannot be compared with any other job. The candidates who aspire to be a part of this prestigious office will have to work very hard to clear the computer-based examination.

The candidates who will be selected for the next round, that is the ones who were able to clear the computer-based examination will have to go through a physical and medical test. The candidates should start preparing for the physical test right away, irrespective of them clearing the computer-based examination. The candidates will need proper time and efforts to be able to clear the physical test. The computer-based examination is said to be very difficult. The candidates will have to give their all to be able to clear the RRB Railway examination.

Clearing the physical and medical examination is also very important as these are very small tests compared to the computer-based examination and it will be a shame if one worked so hard and was so close to their goal, but they could not achieve because of such small exams. Health and fitness are given a lot of importance in the railways and it will be expected from the candidate that they are healthy and fit for the job. One will have to start with a few basic exercises and then climb their way up gradually to an intense workout to be able to clear the physical test without any difficulty.

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This will be a very hard task to achieve, thus it is recommended that the candidate at least increase their stamina and be able to handle the tests they are asked to go through. Starting early for anything is never a problem, it always works in favor of the person. The candidates will need to have a lot of dedication to be able to clear all the exams and tests put in front of them. The computer-based exam shall test the mental health and awareness of the candidate while the physical and medical, as the name suggests, will test the physical health of the aspirant.

If the candidate is unsure about their performance in the computer-based examination, they can go through the answer key and check their answers. This will not give them the exact marks they have scored but will give them a rough idea about their future. The candidates can find the answer key on the official site or on any classes’ site. The answer key is available for all the candidates easily online. The aspirants are advised to start preparing for their physical and medical tests as soon as possible even if they are not able to clear the computer-based examination.

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