As a Management Student

Audencia winter program 2019 at Audencia Business school Nantes, France started on 7th January, with a group of 52 students from all across the world. The course which we opted for was “MANAGING ORGANIZATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT” which gave us an idea of how important cross cultural management is for an organization in order to function effectively. The course was divided into 2 parts- 1) A week of classroom learning along with tests, assignments and presentations 2) the second part of the course was a 4 days trip to Brussels where our coordinator had planned our visit to various institutions like European commission, European parliament, The House Of European History, National Bank of Belgium, Hemicycle and Business Europe. I learned to work in a group of people from various backgrounds and to be team player. During our presentations I learned that how the EU has played a major role in uplifting the economy of many European countries. EU plans various programs for youth and children for their education. They also focus on the infrastructure of a country and help them improve it. Recently EU’s Junker commission has come up with a plan called European fund for strategic investment (EFSI) which plans to invest around 315 billion euros for 27 European countries to develop in various sectors like healthcare, infrastructure and renewable source of energy.

As An Individual

Audencia Winter program 2019 was really a great experience for me. I came across many people all around the world and visited 4 countries. I learned different cultures and diversity of European people. I got an opportunity to interact with them through this program and made many new friends. There were people from The United States Of America etc. I even learned a lot more about myself I never thought that I could get acquainted with people from different parts of the world so easily and develop a feeling of belongingness. The people of Europe are really welcoming and our coordinator was really cooperative. She helped us in every possible manner as well took us to the Brussels tour herself which was very kind of her to do so. One thing which I liked the most about the people there was that they follow every rule and are very punctual. They value time very much and expect others also to respect that opinion of them. But being a XIME student that was not much of an issue for us because here we are already taught so much about being on time and discipline. Overall the program was a all-new experience for me which will always remain with me through out.

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