Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) and Railway Recruitment Cells (RRC) have been established by the Ministry of Railways under the Government of India. They have been set up to assist the government in carrying out recruitment from time to time for various vacancies and other job opportunities.

There are a total of 21 Railway Recruitment Boards in India in multiple cities like Kolkata, Ranchi, Bhopal, Jammu and Kashmir, Mumbai, etc.

For various posts under level one of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix in different units of the Indian Railways, the Railway Recruitment Board will be conducting a computer-based examination.

This examination will be conducted on behalf of the Railway Recruitment Cells. 1,03,769 vacancies had been notified for these level 1 posts, the applications for which were conducted in the months of March and April this year.

Several important dates such as that of the examination and the release of the admit card is yet to be announced by the RRB.

However, as the applicants await the announcements, they should also be prepared as this is the best time for finishing up the preparations and practising for the exams through mock tests.

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For the Computer Based Test, candidates will have to prepare themselves in the following areas –

  • General Science (25 marks)
  • Mathematics (25 marks)
  • General Intelligence and Reasoning (30 marks)
  • General Reasoning and Awareness (20 marks)

For this 100-mark paper, candidates will be given a time limit of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Candidates can find several mock tests online for these examinations which are available both for the entire paper or for selective sections.

All the questions in this exam will be of one mark each. One can note the type of questions they will be facing in the General Intelligence and Reasoning portion of the paper which comprises of the maximum questions (30) –

  • Questions 1-9: These set of questions entail establishing a relationship between a given set of words to determine the answer.

For example –

  1. Dog : Bark :: ?
  2. a) Sparrow: Trumpet
  3. b) Owl : Chirp
  4. c) Monkey : Roar
  5. d) Horse : Neigh

Answer – Horse : Neigh This answer is so because both the sets are names of animals and the sounds produced by them.

  • Question 10-17 : These questions are designed in the format of choosing an odd one out from a set of options stated.

For example –

  1. Choose the odd one out.
  2. a) Kohima
  3. b) Guwahati
  4. c) Itanagar
  5. d) Shillong

Answer – Guwahati

This is because the rest of the places are capital cities of their respective states in India.

  • Question 18-27 : Candidates have to here complete an alpha-numeric series by finding the value of a missing element in the series.

For example –

  1. C-8, H-12, M-16,  ? , W-24
  2. a) Q-18
  3. b) P-15
  4. c) R-20
  5. d) O-20

Answer – R-20

The numerical signify the table of 4, whereas the alphabetical order follows a simple addition of five letters.

  • Question 28-30 : These can be diagrammatic questions which require analysis for answering.

Candidates must keep practising such mock tests so that they can ace the exam on the am in day.

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