The pandemic and disruptive technologies have been the leading cause for various modifications in the world. This in turn has highlighted the flaws in the country’s management education system. Hence, there is an urgent need for industry-specific education programmes that boost managerial expertise and prepare students for an uncertain future. Institutions like K J Somaiya Institute of Management have been frontrunners in providing the best education programmes to tackle such flaws. This institution offers two significant 2-year full-time MBA programmes in Sports Management and Healthcare Management. Being two of the most influential sectors in the country, sports and healthcare management programmes have a lot of potential for growth and success. 

Growth in The Healthcare Sector 

There is no doubt that the healthcare industry occupies one of the top positions in the country, with a valuation of more than 372 billion in 2022. Employing more than 4.7 million residents of India indicates that the healthcare industry is already enroute for worldwide growth. 

K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides a 2-year MBA programme for Healthcare Management that can boost students’ hands-on experience and allow them to improve their skills and knowledge about the sector. It incorporates topics like Healthcare Administration and Marketing in Pharma and Biotech management for a 360-degree coverage of this industry. 

Growth in the Sports Sector 

The sports sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country and is a multi-billion-dollar industry fueled by technological advancement and innovation. So, to keep up with the standards of global sports, this sector requires robust management that can propagate through seasoned professionals and experienced managers. The K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides a 2-year MBA Sports Management programme to train and prepare managers to handle the pressures of the workforce with an improved skillset and experience in the field of sports management. The pedagogy includes Sports Analytics, Management of Information Systems, Design, and more. 

What Can You Achieve with an MBA in Healthcare Management?

Pursuing an MBA from the K J Somaiya Institute of Management will aid students in integrating healthcare and management science into their careers. Sectors such as hospital administration, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, diagnostics, and more are always looking for seasoned professionals who can handle complicated projects. 

Who Can Join: Students aiming to create careers in the vastly-growing hospital administration and health systems management sector can apply for this fantastic programme. With this programme, they will be able to understand the different aspects of the healthcare sector. The programme refreshes their knowledge on various topics such as public health, health sciences, business, medicine, and other related fields. 

What Can You Achieve with An MBA In Sports Management?

The K J Somaiya Institute of Management has designed the MBA in Sports Management programme to augment students’ sports industry knowledge. This course will help build a sense of the collaboration of management and sports in young minds and prepare them for a better future. Students can gain an understanding of e-sports, analytics, and many other advanced aspects in the best way, enabled by faculties from multidisciplinary areas. Not to mention that they can choose from various career options in sports marketing, event management, sports sponsorships, sports media, and much more. 

Who Can Join: The MBA Sports Management programme is a right fit for those aspirants who have an innate passion for sports and want to pursue this field as a career. The programme combines the best elements of classroom-based knowledge with a flexible, hands-on practical idea. 

Practical Learning Methodology at K J Somaiya Institute of Management

The specialized MBA programmes at the institution focus primarily on experimental and case-based learning methods. These methods ensure that students are trained in different aspects to understand the sector better. 

In Healthcare Management, the course curriculum not only teaches students but also creates an environment for them to collaborate with others with experience in the field of study.

For the students of Sports Management, the institute teams up with the Somaiya Sports Academy to provide the students with a practical understanding of the different elements of the sports industry. There is an off-campus immersion programme that aims to increase the involvement of students in different sports platforms as well. 


While a general MBA programme might bestow upon the student knowledge about managing businesses worldwide, programmes based on a specific industry, such as Sports Management and Healthcare Management, will enable the students to find careers in their respective fields. Students must join the K J Somaiya Institute of Management for the specialty programmes.

Start your journey towards excellence; admissions are closing soon for the MBA (with major and minor), MBA in Healthcare Management, and MBA in Sports Management programmes for the batch 2023-25.

The last date to apply is January 18, 2023. To apply or for more details, click here!

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