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Directions (Qs. 1-4): Study the following information to answer these

A blacksmith has five iron articles A, B, C, D and E, each having a
different weight.

(i) A weighs twice as much as B.

(ii) B weighs four and a half times as much as C.

(iii) C weighs half as much as D.

(iv) D weighs half as much as E.

(v) E weighs less than A but more than C.

1. Which of the following is the lightest in weight?

(1) C            (2) B            (3) A             (4) D

2. E is lighter in weight than which of the other two articles?

(1) A, C        (2) D, C       (3) A, B           (4) D, B

3. E is heavier than which of the following two articles?

(1) A, C        (2) D, C       (3) D, B         (4) A, B

4. Which of the following articles is the heaviest in weight?

(1) C            (2) B            (3) A            (4) D

Directions (Qs. 5-8): Given below are pairs of events I and II. Read both
the events and decide the relationship. Assume that the information given is
true in deciding the answer. Mark answer as:

(1) if I is an effect but II is not its immediate and principal cause.

(2) if I is the immediate and principal cause and II is its effect.

(3) if I is an effect and II is its immediate and principal cause.

(4) if II is an effect but I is not its immediate and  principal cause.


Event (I) : The price of gold has gone up in the local market.

Event (II) : Indians have won several prizes in designing gold ornaments.


Event (I) : Today, the prime ministers of countries P and Q have decided to
take steps to improve bilateral relations.

Event (II) : Next week a committee of foreign ministers and senior officers
of country P and Q will work out further steps to improve the relationship.


Event (I) : Recently the prices of the personal computers (PCs) have come

Event (II) : Some school-children are showing keen interest in learning


Event (I) : This year Bank M has celebrated its silver jubilee.

Event (II) : More customers are getting attracted to the market branch of
Bank M.

Directions (Qs. 9-10): Each question has a statement followed by two
assumptions/ conclusions. Find the implicit assumption(s)/ conclusion(s).


9. A good system of education in a country is the flower of economic
development; it is also its seed.


I. Economic development leads to educational development in a country.

II. Educational development leads to economic development in a country.

(1) Both I and II are implicit

(2) Only II is implicit

(3) Only I is implicit

(4)  Neither I nor II is implicit


10. There is one thing as important as studying; and that is how much is


I. Studying and understanding go hand in hand.

II. Understanding is as important as studying.

(1) Both I and II are implicit

(2) Only II is implicit

(3) Only I is implicit

(4) Neither I nor II is implicit

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1(1)    2(3)    
3(2)    4(3)     5(1)   
 6(2)   7(2)   
8(4)     9(1)    10(3)  

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