Yesterday, we gave you the following
practice topic for WAT – “Today’s popular TV serials depict a life different
from normal life. Why do you think realism is absent from them?”
. This topic
had appeared in the IIM Indore 2013 admission test.

– How to Approach this question?

The first thing to do is to go
through the topic a couple of times and thoroughly understand it. It consists
of two components – a statement and then a follow-up question.

The statement is given, or a
constant entity. You cannot alter it; you rather have to build up the answer
based on it. Therefore, you should not try to debate upon whether realism is
absent but instead on why it is so.

The focus has to be on the
reason, and it is a subjective question, like the first topic. You have to
provide your personal view on why you think television serials are not

to write the answer for this topic

First and foremost, make a
rough outline and enlist the major points or themes which you want to touch
upon. Based on this, pick apt points for introduction, main body and

In the introduction, give an
elementary proposition about how television programmes have changed ever since
the advent of satellite TV. Since the topic does not specifically talk about
Indian television, you have to take into account world television and how it
has reached the masses through internet.

Your introduction should be interesting
so you should try to make a reference to a popular TV shows or how it created a
wide frenzy among the viewers. After this, start describing how realism has increasingly
become absent and maybe cite a reason behind it.

In the main body then, explain
the major points properly. Television has become TRP-centric. Instead of using
it as a medium to propagate knowledge or reality of society, it has become the
source of sensationalism.

Explain how the audience has
been assumed as dumb and unwelcome of seeing real problems on television. TV
networks harness all their energies into exploring their commercial interests.

Instead of focusing on creating
a good and sensible storyline, networks concentrate on making the sets and
backdrops larger than life, and consequently unrealistic. Economic disparity in
the Indian masses has made these appeal to only certain sections of the

Ultimately, the problem is also
worsening because of the viewers. Explain how the continual success of reality
television has gave the TV networks to recycle the same content, instead of
trying fresh scripts.

These points will be enough to
substantiate the given argument and will also answer the question with
different views.

In the conclusion, summarize
the core points and present one unified argument on why realism continues to be
absent from television. You can also cite the Indian youth’s shift to
international television because they do not want the same stale storylines and
want to see creative and new stories.

The next practice topic is – “MBA and B.Tech. are gearing up with the
market. Are liberal art courses like Sociology irrelevant in education today?”
IIMs joint entrance, 2013 topic)

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