The RBI Assistant examination is held every year on a national level. The candidates compete with each other on the basis of their knowledge and experience for the post of an assistant in the Reserve Bank of India. The exam is conducted in two phases- prelims and the main examination. The candidates have to work very hard to succeed in this examination. Over a million candidates from all over the country apply for the examination. The candidates do not need to stress over the examination as it is not very difficult. The cut off is high as there are many aspirants applying for the examination.  

The exam contains a total of three sections that determine the intelligence and suitability of the candidate. The candidates are tested on their English skills, numerical ability, and reasoning skills. The candidates have to show that they are worthy of the post by answering the questions asked in the above-mentioned sections. Preparing for the sections individually may help the candidate pass the exam with flying marks. The hard work done by the candidate will be visible clearly on the exam paper.

The candidates will have to score 85+ to pass the preliminary tests and reach the main examination. The candidates who are unable to pass the preliminary tests will have to try for its next year when they are more prepared for it.

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The following few points might help the candidate to prepare for the examination:


  • Step by step


Preparing for the examination by dealing with the sections individually will help the candidate a lot during the preparation. It will save time and increase the speed as well of the test taker. The candidate will get a chance to solve the problems and clear the doubts in every section one by one and will not be confused about the overall preparation.



  • References


Using reference and practice books will help the candidate get a proper idea of the kind of questions that will be asked inn the examination. The aspirants can use reference books to their advantage if they know the right books to refer.

  • Quantitative aptitude – M Tyra and solve daily Quant quiz on adda247 app
  • Reasoning – Try to solve as many quizzes as possible. No book is needed for this section.
  • English – Reading the newspaper will be sufficient.
  • General Awareness – Reading daily Hindu is sufficient. But for static G.K. the candidate should make proper notes and read them once in a week. 


  • Organizing


Organization of the preparation requirements and plans is very important. The candidates shall need all the help they can come by, but their own help will be the most useful. The candidates will have to give a lot of time for self-preparation and for practicing mock tests. If the preparation time table is not organized well the candidate will end up wasting a lot of time that he or she could have put in preparing for the right type of questions for the exam.



  • Practice makes perfect


Practicing old question papers and mock tests is very important as it is the only means of getting an idea about the type of questions asked in this examination. The candidates can test themselves after preparing for the exam through these mock tests and can know their place on the final result.



  • Sufficient rest


The syllabus for the RBI assistant examination is not very difficult thus it is easy for the candidate to prepare for the examination. The aspirant is advised to appear for the examination with a clear and calm mind and not get stressed. Stress will only push them behind while a calm mind shall help them finish the paper on time and answer the questions properly without any difficulties. The examination tests the basic knowledge of the candidate and the thinking pattern of the aspirant.

If the candidates follow the above few mentioned steps, he or she will be able to write the exam without any difficulty and will be able to score the desired and required marks. The aspirants shall need the help of past test takers and coaching classes for the mock tests. Some coaching classes do provide a rough arrangement where they provide only mock tests and no learning classes for the students.

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