The Orientation Program at SIES School of Business Studies (SIESSBS) is the process to welcome new students of our flagship PGDM programs and prepare them for their new role as “Managers & Entrepreneurs of the future”. Based on the TPI theory of developing Theoretical (T), Practical (P) and also Interpersonal (I) skills with peers, the program integrates all three conditions for seamless on boarding of students. The theory of TPI is an attempt at SIESSBS  to reconcile the theoretical understanding of socialization among students with a theoretical and practical mindset.

Therefore, the Orientation Program at SIESSBS is designed to welcome students and enrich orientation towards management education for upgrading managerial skills. Each year this program is carefully crafted to blend demanding professional commitment and information. It aims to:

  • Build perspective towards organizations and a professional career ahead.
  • Provide an opportunity to interact with accomplished leaders from high-profile Industries. One may choose some of them as role models for a good professional endeavor.
  • Seeks to set a new standard in aspiration, professional discipline, and life.
  • Indulge in SIESSBS way of life from day one. Rediscover oneself with a brand-new perspective

The entire Orientation program is always designed and executed by students on campus. Such engaged learning processes are at the core of SIESSBS whereby students “learn by doing” and by “reflecting on the experience”. Several opportunities are provided on campus to engage students intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically.

During the Orientation programs, which span over 7-10 days, industry experts of eminence are invited to help students get acquainted with functional areas of management. A large number ofice-breaking activities and workshops on different subjects are organized to prepare incoming students to face real-life challenges and act accordingly. Thus, our unique Orientation program ensures that students are exhaustively trained on their Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA). We also use cases from Harvard Business School and other Ivey schools which focus on solving solutions for real-life situations. Eventually, the case-based teaching and learning process at SIESSBS becomes an active pedagogy that aims at placing students at the heart of complex situations. By doing so, our students cross multi-disciplinary approaches to find out of box solutions that may seem fictive today and turn out to be a real possibility tomorrow.

Each year Orientation programs at SIESSBS end with experience sharing and some live cultural performances by the incoming students who eventually get completely immersed with the culture of SIESSBS.

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