The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the lives of students. However, universities and institutions have been trying to get on their feet after facing severe challenges.

Several institutions have adopted online learning models for providing a continuous flow of learning and education.

On a similar note, BITS Pilani has also released an update on initiating online sessions for the first- and second-year MBA students. The online session has been scheduled from 17th August 2020 and commences through an online platform as prescribed by the institution.

BITS Pilani along with other eminent universities and institutions has taken this step of shifting the entire term to online studies.

The decision has been taken due to the spread of the virus along the length and breadth of the country, thus, increasing the concerns of the students. Therefore, the students have been expected to be prepared for the online session with the necessary equipment.

BITS Pilani has holistically planned the online session. The students would just be required to attend the regular online session but would also be able to experience a new pathway of learning.

The institution has planned to provide necessary learning experience through the following approaches.

  • Online class for preparing the student for unforeseen challenges 

To prepare the students for the coming up challenges in the online lectures and learning process, the institution has been preparing its students to face the challenges and eliminate the hurdles shortly.

Recently, the institution has been conducting online classes to prepare its student for a complete online or virtual mode of learning. The Department of Management has spotted several loopholes which might occur during the online session.

However, to make the sessions wholesome and devoid of complications, the authorities have been working rigorously to develop a zeal in the students so that they could make the most out of the sessions.

Online preparatory classes have been organised by the authorities to share a glimpse of different subjects and their curriculum even before the official start of the new session.

The students have been looking positively at the coming up virtual sessions since the pandemic situation has pushed them to look at things through different perspectives.

  • Webinars from notable personalities to support the online lectures

MBA courses require essential networking session and peer-to-peer learning experience. The essence of different perspectives and directions play an important role in moulding ideas and bringing innovation to the table.

However, due to the current situation, physical networking sessions will not be conducted. To compensate for this loss, the authorities at BITS Pilani have decided to organise regular webinars for its students in support of the online lectures.

The webinars would be conducted by popular names in the industry, thus, diminishing the networking barriers.

Post the closure of universities and institutions; BITS Pilani has been regularly conducting virtual webinars for its students. Regular webinars have been conducted on diverse subjects since 11th July 2020.

However, with the new sessions coming up, the institution has planned to conduct online webinars regularly. The webinars would be conducted on diverse topics supporting the official curriculum for first- and second-year MBA students.

So far, several notable personalities have been invited by the institution to conduct the virtual webinars for students.

Some of the well-known names in the industry which have conducted webinars for BITS Pilani students are Raju Reddy (BITS Pilani alumnus, Founder at Sierra Atlantic in the Silicon Valley), Dr Pramath Raj ( Dean of ISB Hyderabad, Co-founder at Ashoka University), Sujit Panigrahi (BITS Pilani alumnus, Founder and CEO at Sequoia Fitness and Sports Technology), etc. among other prominent speakers.

With these preparations and a positive approach towards the crucial pandemic situation, the institution as well its students are ready to begin the new session in due course of time.

The sessions are scheduled from 17th August 2020 and will feature a new evolution in the regular classroom learning methodology.

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