The journey towards a successful MBA is demanding and requires optimum use of resources, time and efforts. The institutions and coursework will provide you with the core theory requirement. However, it is essential to be aware of some online resources that will help you to ace in this field.

Being successful in the world of business is demanding. It requires to be on par with the competing world of business, then investing some time and effort in learning from resources outside the classroom can be wise.

Be it Productivity or writing tools, time management or test preparations, research work, academics, upskilling, guidance and networking; The following are some of the resources that you should utilize as an aspiring business professional:

Productivity and Writing Tools

As the name indicates, this cross-platform cloud-based writing assistant scans your document for grammatical errors, spellings, punctuation and delivery mistakes in real-time. Besides this, Grammarly also offers you suggestions to improve your writing. So, you can use this platform not only to check for errors but also for improving your writing skills.

Apache OpenOffice is a good substitute if you do not have access to Microsoft Office. This open-source office productivity software suite includes a word processing app, and free alternatives to Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and lot more. is a web-based application that enables you to create simple mind maps quickly and effectively. It helps you organize your ideas in a manner that is easily understood by others. These mind maps can be shared easily with friends and colleagues; thus, enabling better sharing if ideas for a presentation or a business meeting, and see the changes whenever they are done. You can also export your work as JPG, PNG, text and print it. uses pomodora productivity technique. It enables you to stay focussed, be productive and also track all 25-minute blocks of work followed by short breaks.


Require graphs and charts for a presentation? Plotly is an easy and convenient way to create a graph and share data online.

Time Management and Test Prep Tools

This computational knowledge engine solves complex problems and statistical analysis. Relied on by millions of students, teachers and professionals, this answer engine also shows a step-by-step breakdown of how the solution is derived. provides access to online study groups, textbook solutions, video explanations and practice problems. Besides these, the platform also provides expert question & answer, test preparations, all at a deep discount. is a business mind mapping software that helps you organize your ideas and figure out what has to be done. It is a perfect solution for planning your projects and your busy schedule.


This is an easy note-taking app that can be accessed from any computer or mobile device. It syncs to all your devices and provides plenty of features that enable capturing and organizing ideas on the go. It is an effective tool to organize classroom notes and share idea easily.

This is an online study platform that lets you study online flashcards and also create your own. It also enables you to upload your study material, share your flashcards with friends and practice quizzes.

For Research Work and Academics

Google Scholar

If you need a research paper, scholarly articles, books, theses or any other academic resource, Google Scholar is a go-to free accessible search engine. Popular among academicians and students alike, this freely accessible web search engine is full of scholarly literature across a wide range of publishing formats and disciplines.

Harvard Business Review

Published six times a year, HBR is one of the leading general management magazines. Bursting with business news and research articles, webinars and videos this platform is one of the world’s leading resources for business news and research. A subscription provides you with even more goodies.

The Economist

This is an international weekly newspaper that is printed in magazine format and published digitally. Follow The Economist for authoritative reporting and factual insights into current affairs, international business, politics and technology.

Financial Times

The world’s leading global business publication printed in broadsheet and published digitally, Financial Times focuses on business and economic current affairs.


This is an American business magazine that features original articles on finance, industry, investing and marketing topics.

For Upskilling

Coursera Inc is a massive open online course provider that works with universities and other organizations across the globe. Learn from experts at world-class universities and companies that offer online courses, certifications and degrees in a variety of subjects.

Harvard Free Courses Online

Harvard University MOOCs provide free online courses in a wide range of subjects. You can access the course material for free and also earn a verified certificate for a small fee.


Get access to over 2000 free online courses from the best schools, anytime and anywhere. Propel your career with an additional degree or expand your knowledge; this platform provides courses from institutions like Harvard, MIT, Berkley and many more.

100+ Free Business Courses Online

With the changing trend in the field of education, many worlds’ top universities are opening their courses to anyone who desires to learn free of cost.


Udacity provides massive open online courses in programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and more. The courses are self-paced learning with code reviews. Thus, one can opt for a career change, or get a new job by completing a Nanodegree program.

For Guidance and Networking


PaGaLGuY is India’s largest education network to connect with fellow students, educational institutions and alumni. This platform is an online education community in the MBA education space. Once registered, it allows students to apply to multiple colleges through a single platform, track the status and correspond with the respective institute. This website also has a social networking feature and an interactive test preparation learning application called Prepathon.

This is the world’s largest community for business professionals and academicians. As a business aspirant, you can use this platform for professional networking. You can post your CVs as a job seeker on this platform or apply for a job posted by employers.

Beta Gamma Sigma

BGS is the world’s largest honour society for business students. It is an exclusive business honour society for top business school students providing resources and networking opportunities for MBA students.

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