When it comes to seeking solutions to management-related issues, there are no simple solutions. Each key must be tailor-made with no theory in place while keeping the main management principles in mind. So, how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

This is where case studies come in, a miniature version of a business environment used by top B-schools worldwide to help students understand. The case study approach, which Harvard Business School popularised, usually describes a vague-sounding management challenge from a particular business, complete with a brief history, financial statistics, and a plethora of goals and subjective information.

The fundamental goal of using the case study method of teaching is to assist management students in developing approaches/strategies or rules that will help them discover solutions to different management problems or situations they may face in the future as managers or entrepreneurs. However, suppose you believe that the need to know and understand case studies begins after being accepted to your dream b-school. In that case, you are WRONG, as many universities are still using case studies-based Q&A methods during preliminary interviews to determine how well-read and qualified the applicant is to begin their b-school life.

If you are applying to B-Schools or are doing management studies, you should become acquainted with the idea of case studies, maybe by reading a few and attempting to smash them.

PaGaLGuY recommends the following resources for unrestricted access to high-quality case studies:

  1. Acadia Institute of Case Studies specialises in entrepreneurship and small business management.
  2. Business Case Studies by Company is a one-of-a-kind business education platform for business studies and economics in a real-world setting.
  3. Give to Get Marketing. Marketing and Advertising Case Studies is a place for direct marketing tips, ideas, business plans, case studies, papers, and more, all available for free.
  4. HR Open Source Case Studies help you plan for the future of employment by getting you behind the headlines & providing a glimpse at the actual work that goes into active HR and recruitment efforts.
  5. MIT LearningEdge Case Studies is maintained by MIT Sloan School of Management & it provides free case studies.

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