MICA’s ‘New Norm’

What is the new norm or MICAST?

MICAST is the official podcast launched by students of MICA (formerly Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, a higher education institution for strategic Marketing and Communications) early this year.  

MICAST focuses on on-campus events, dialogues, interviews, analyses, and thorough coverage of engagements. The podcast is adjudged by faculty, alumni, guest speakers, and others besides students.

It aims to build and wield resourceful processes. Other than MICA’s official platform, the podcast can also be accessed from common platforms like Google, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. 

How did the concept come up?

The idea for the podcast was conceptualised with careful planning, considering the nature of this novel medium. It has since earned a considerable following among not only MICA’s students but also other guests and viewers, as industry veterans usher in ideas along with the students. 

What does MICAST feature?

Each episode of MICAST has two parts. The first part showcases the domain area; the second part contains a rapid fire round with the professors.   

MICAST has covered topical issues since its conception. The one issue that concerns everyone now without any prejudice to nation, race, or status is the global pandemic thanks to the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

What is ‘The New Norm’?

‘The New Norm’ is MICA’s current series of podcasts. It has focussed primarily on dealing with Covid-19 and its unpropitious impact on everyone.

This set of podcasts was created and executed by second year students Piyush Goswami and Nitpreet Chawla, who were confronted with the arduous task of remote or location recording (recording in a location away from the recording studio), using multitrack recording techniques. 

The series of six episodes comes in an array of stories, perspectives, perceptions, and inspirational dialogues. 

In the current series, six faculty members from MICA deliberate on their impressions of the crisis at the time of the lockdown, how the industry has reacted to it, the interruptions it has created at work, the hazards and challenges the industry has faced, and how to tackle this in the next few days.

The deliberations cover the realms of creativity, finance, leisure market, human behaviour and operations, and supply chain management. 

How do Piyush and Nitpreet work on the podcast?

Piyush Goswami said he found the experience of remote recording quite challenging. They had to navigate, correlate, record, and edit remotely. This involved manoeuvring technicalities deftly.

The duo had to perform this amidst their internships and classes. Although this multitasking made the whole affair more challenging but left them augmented with one of the most intense and fulfilling experiences on the campus.

Piyush Goswami is no novice to recording.  He has hosted and managed a radio show. He has been part of MICAVAANI, MICA’s community radio station. 

Nitpreet Chawla is a renowned public speaker. She has a rich experience of speaking on the public stage frequently. But this is her maiden attempt at podcasts. She is used to the mike and headset, but she found this experience of the one-to-one dialogue exceptional and sublime.

She knew that the content had to be germane and applicable. She said that learning to curate and conceptualise was something she likes to take home with her. 

What is the future of MICAST?

The students felt gratified in seeing the fruition of the recording every episode. This makes the effort more valuable. They know the podcast will hit it off very well with students and the general public. 

The students and faculty are confident the podcast, which is already quite popular, will make a mark in the arena of communications. 

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